The Lone Elf Emma Bonds

Once upon a time, in a forest far from any mere human, a kingdom of magical creatures lived. There was a young elf named Eli, and he was as unusual as an elf could get. He disliked company, and was ridiculed for it. People his age disliked him without knowing him, and called him names for no reason.

"What's so wrong with liking being in the company of only my thoughts?" He always asked himself; but he didn't really care about the people. Yes it felt bad to be told that no one wanted to talk to him anyway, but he learned not to take what they said seriously.

One day a young dryad (a tree nymph), named Rosie wandered into the forest. She stumbled along a makeshift path that Eli had made long ago. After following the many unecassary twists and turns of the worn down stone path, she reached the large cherry blossom tree that Eli was sat at; he was reading a book.

Eli didn't realize that Rosie was there until she slid down the tree to sit beside him, sitting back on her haunches. Eli turned to down at her, and his vibrant green eyes pierced her hazel ones with an curious stare. Neither of them said anything for what might have been 5 minutes, and might have been eternity.

Eventually they tore their eyes away from the others and sat in peace, with Eli writing in his book. When they finally spoke, it was Rosie who uttered; afraid to break the silence hanging in the air.

"Why are you out here, away from everyone?"

Eli anwsered with a single line "To thine own self be true,; I am not a foolish wit, so i stay in the world of my imagination."


Created with images by Hans - "japanese cherry trees flowers spring" • ibm4381 - "Dryad" • CaptMikey9 - "Blossoming Cherries" • PHOTO/arts Magazine - "yellow farmhouse. moleskine" • chornamariya - "Forest" • Justin LaBerge - "Village" • Jerry & Cara - "P2296301.JPG"

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