Traveling Customer Service Experiences By: Hailey LaBelle

Belize Smoothies

In January 2016, my family took a trip to Belize in Central America. While there, we found a wonderful smoothie shop on the edge of a beach. Upon entering the shop to get smoothies, the woman that was working that day gave all of us a rude glare. Right away we realized the service wouldn't be good. We decided to continue to see if the smoothies were good or not. When my mother went to order hers the woman refused to serve us because we were white. My family was appalled that she refused to serve us because of our race. If I were to rate this experience out of ten (ten being the best, one being the worst), I would give it a 2/10.

Canada Target

In 2015, my mother and I went on a trip to go hiking in Canada. After we got there my mother realized she had forgotten all of the sunscreen, so we had to go buy some from a store nearby. The closest store to us was Target, so we drove on over to the store. Throughout the whole time we were in there, the employees were incredibly kind, and asked multiple times if we needed something in a cheerful voice. When we were done, the man that was at the check out was nice, and told us about multiple deals, gave us coupons, and asked us how our trip was going. Over all I would rate this experience a 8/10.

Hot Springs, Montana - The Springs

In April 2017, Julia Rantala and I went on a road trip to Hot Springs, Montana. While we were there we went to a bakery for breakfast. When we got in there, the environment was very homely, kind waitresses, fast service, and wonderful food. This over all experience would be 10/10. I say this because of how comfortable the environment was and how wonderful the food was.


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