What I learned In Photo 1 by Shauna Alfaro

Darkroom. Where putting film in the canister has to have zero light.
After your film has developed and dried, it goes into sleeves.
Use the Focusing aid to make sure photos are clear.
To Burn And Dodge while enlarging photos to make something lighter/darker in blacks and whites.
After developing your photos, run the squeegee over the photo to remove excess water.
Exposure Detonator. The amount of light on the RC Paper could make or break your photo.
Contrast Filter. To make the blacks blacker or have all around lighter parts on photos.
Key Light . To make everything brighter using a digital camera focusing on the face.
Back Light. To have almost an angel like light behind the person.
Dryer. After done processing the film they are put in a dryer to seal the pictures.
Negative Carrier used to enlarge photos and have square borders.
Oven used to seal down photos onto tacking paper and card board.
Cool Down. Used to let the card board and photos cool down.
Develop your photos on film and paper.
Doesn't make photos green and seals in blacks.
Shutter Speed using 1/1000. (Fast)
Shutter Speed 1/80. (Slow)
Shallow Depth of Field. Where everything is clear but the background.
Deep Depth of Field. Where everything is in focus.
All your photos in a sleeve and use the enlarger to make the contact sheet.
Aperture to measure how much light goes into the photo.
Shutter speed to measure how fast you want the photo taken.
Focusing to make your photo clear or blurry.
Storyboard telling a story in four to five photos.
Photogram making with school related items.
A test strip developing.
Enlarging photos.
Wash tray.
Secure the flap so no light enters the printing paper.
Open the flap with someone or something standing in front of the box so the photo is taken.
Where developling film happens.
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