Good Life Tour of the Natural History Museum By Colin Stanton

Picture of me standing next to an American Mastadon fossil

The Florida Museum of Natural History's exhibit on fossils was the exhibit that appealed to me the most during my visit. The exhibit's design was very appealing to me, with the display of extremely old fossils and skeletons upwards of ten times of my size really caught my attention. Being able to walk alongside these goliaths and see the history of tens of thousands of years ago allowed me to understand the size and scope of these giants that you might not be able to grasp unless you see them in person. The most enjoyable part of the museum to me was when I turned a corner and saw the American Mastadon fossil, which caused me to stop in my tracks and just say "wow", and that is something you don't get without going to the museum and seeing it yourself.

A model sculpture of the American Mastadon
Me at the Butterfly exhibit at the FMNH

I believe the Natural History Museum did provide me the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends. While at the exhibit, I felt relaxed and at one with nature. The whole time I was in the exhibit, I felt a sense of peace and calming come over me. Everyone else with me at this exhibit and the many others felt that same sense of wonderment of calming. Being able to walk in an exhibit that is sole focused on nature and its beauty really allowed us to connect with nature. I feel that the museum did a good job of instilling in me an ethical responsibility to nature since in the days after the visit I have been a lot more self conscience about my waste and impact on the environment.

Me next to an indigenous women's dress from Peru

The Natural History museum does a fantastic job of helping us step out of our ordinary lives and experience nature and history in a completely new manor. It helps us better understand who we are and better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by allowing us to take a step aside from our daily routine and truly appreciate nature and its history. Without that separation from our normal routine we would become blind to the natural world.

Another great picture


My friend Sedric nick

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