Emily Gessner This is me

My name is Emily. I am a college student, a friend, a teammate, a daughter, a cat owner, a country girl, an adventurer, a leader, and most importantly ME. We all fit into all sorts of categories when it comes to our everyday lives such as the ones listed above, but it's crucial to never get lost in these titles. The most important thing in life is to stay true to who you are and who you want to be, so, in the words of Demi Lovato, THIS IS ME.

I am a college student. I have learned the importance of responsibility, developed drive to succeed, and acquired the required determination to become the best version of myself possible. I am a biology major with hopes of becoming a forensic scientist in the near future.

I am a friend. I keep those I love close around me at all times. I find it important to put others before yourself which I always try to exemplify the most with my friends even if we are all spread across the country for college.

I am a teammate. I have been playing sports my entire life and have learned the importance of working with others. Preaching "there's no 'I' in 'team,'" I have always put my teammates first and developed a drive to win while encouraging those around me to succeed. Years playing softball, volleyball, and surfing has taught me these skills that I take with me into the future.

I am a daughter. The bearer of the family name, the legacy, and the pride and joy of my parents. They have taught me all I need to know and shaped me into the young woman I am today. They taught me to always follow the right path, make good choices, but always be whoever I want to be. Both coming from fields in law enforcement, they have inspired me to follow my passion for forensics and continue the family tradition of solving crimes.

I am a cat owner. I am a lover of all felines and they bring me a type of happiness that not much else can bring. My cat, Tinkerbell, is my pride and joy and has taught me the importance of love and responsibility.

I am a country girl. I am from California, born and raised, but country music, cowboy boots, and sweet tea are what make me feel at home. Honoring my southern roots, moving to South Carolina has allowed me to explore a whole other part of me.

I am an adventurer. I love to get out and explore the world around me. This allows me to see and experience all that I can in a lifetime. Exposure to other cultures, like when in Belize pictured above, I can appreciate a life outside my own and what I'm familiar with.

I am a leader. As a Girl Scout, debate team member, club president, and team captain, I have learned about the skills it takes to lead others. Being a confident leader is a skill that isn't easy to learn, but can be acquired with practice and drive to guide others to be the best that they can be.

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