Significance My Way Harvey coker

It is difficult for me to give one definition of happiness. In my opinion, many things have to come together for me to be happy, both now and in the future. What has made me happy in the past, may very well be vastly different to what makes me happy now or what will give me happiness in the future. Previously, my life has been all about my family, playing football, and enjoying myself. Right now, I focus on working hard towards my degree, being as close to my family and close friends as possible, travelling to as many places as possible while I am here in the USA, and building towards a future I believe I want. In the future, what I believe will make me happy is having a job that pays very well and that motivates me in more ways than one, having an amazing wife who does not need to work but does so because she loves her job, a few beautiful children who have more than they could ever ask for, living somewhere they love and can grow up to be who they are destined to be, and a sister and parents who are healthy and happy.

In my opinion, suffering takes many forms. In the top two left pictures you will see my family and friends who we consider to be as close as family. In the past three years every member of those two pictures has suffered a loss, something which has hit the family at its core. My sister and I, and our cousins (bottom left) lost our grandparents over the last two years. For myself, it has been extremely difficult being away from home. Knowing the pain my family, especially my mum and sister, have gone through has been one of the hardest times of my life. But, pulling together, and being together at Christmas time has helped us enormously.
Crater Lake

For me it has always been important to surround myself with the right people, to have a few great friends, instead of many people who do not really care. I have been away on lads holidays for four summers, been to Vegas to celebrate New Years Eve, been involved in some great teams, and been lucky enough to have friends who invite me to stay with them and their family. These are the people who I value.

"There is no one meaning of life, but rather, many sources of meaning that we all experience day to day"
"Unless change can be made, there will continue to be a mismatch between our lived experience and our desired experience"
"People shoot for happiness but feel formed through suffering"

One of the main reasons for coming to study in the United States was to explore, to ravel around and see these incredible places and go on amazing trips with mates. Experiences I will never forget, and something to show people back home. The places I have been to are places many people back home will never get to see, so I am incredibly grateful I had these opportunities.

Deception Pass
Whidbey Island

Life being meaningful can be defined in different ways to different people. For me, life will be meaningful if I achieve what I want to achieve and I am happy doing it. Being successful is key in this happening. The next question is what is being successful? To me, being successful is what I mentioned earlier, what has and what will make me happy. Is there something more to life than success, material riches, and achieving your dreams? I believe yes. I believe you can add experiences to that list, and happiness while you do it all. Yes, I have goals I set myself. I set lofty targets to achieve and am driven to achieve them. There are also places I want to see and live, things I want to do, and experiences I want to have. I believe it is important to do all of this in the right way for you, in a way that makes you happy. If you don't, then it is almost worthless.

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