SEARCH AND SEIZURE is when you they are checking you for something that they think you have.
Other search and seizure is when someone calls and says theses people have things and the cops could come and look to see but if they guys says no than they would have to come back with a warrant and see.
When they come back with a warrant this is how it would look like it would have to be sign by a judge that is when they can see if you have anything bad.
If they say no if you have them warrant that you can break inside of the house take everything her has and take him to jail because he sill did not let you in when you had a warrant.

For my real life example if this happen to me because someone call the cops on me for growing weed in my back yard . If a cop came by and said can I check your house I would say no because you do not have a warrant and come back when you do.

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