Geology Seismology

Hey guys, we're a group of girls from Portugal, our names are Mariana, Beatriz, Maria and Raquel. We even named our team as GeoDivas! We all are 17 years old, and this being said we are almost finishing the last year of secondary school. All of us have an interest in nature and everything related to that theme. Despite our interest in geology we also take time to increase our knowledge in other themes such as taking photos of what captures our attention and seeing documentaries and cientifical movies.


12th December 2016

Firstly, we did the distribution of tasks. Everyone of us have work to do!

16th December 2016

To start our work we began to browse on the Internet ideas that can make our work better.

9th January 2017

We continue our work.

17th January

Beatriz doing her part of the work at home.

19th January

Mariana continued her work at home

24th January

Maria doing her part of the work

25th January

Raquel browsing at home

6th February

We got together to share some information.

13th of February

We got together to discuss our project

25th of February

We started doing our construction
Model of tectonic plates

28th of March

We started organising our space

29th of March

Our space!!
Comparing two different constructions
An aquarium to help the people understand how seismic waves work and the model of tectonic plates
Different kinds of ground, one is sandy and the other one is compact
Simulation of an earthquake
It was a pleasure!

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