Departed Friend

by Reid Hartman ’19

As I traveled down an unfamiliar road, a man joined me

He was like no other in every way

From the start, I knew that he would be with me for the long run

He aided me if I ever had a bad day

He kept me motivated when times seemed barren

His presence filled me with ample amounts of glee


Every road taken led to a great discovery

I miss our adventures and every single ride

These ventures did not require any treasury

The only thing I strived for was being by his side


My friend, you traveled down a separate path which left me alone

Your journey ended too soon, but I know that we will meet again

Physically you are astray, but you will help me pass many milestones

Our friendship is not one you can just retrain

My departed friend, I am lost without your guidance on this path

Your heart, your affection and your devotion are ones no one can surpass

Abigail Lontz ’19

Madison Ruggieri ’20

Ryan Padien ’18

Song for Anthony - Tower Hill Chorus

'AP' ribbons by Anh Ho ’20

I am proud to be an Archmere alum. It is a special place, blessed by God, that I am proud to call my home. From the second you step foot through the doors, you become an Auk- a word that means for the next four years you will work harder than you ever have, push yourself to limits you never thought were possible, set goals, achieve them, & set new ones. It means you will meet people that will constantly teach you lessons, make you laugh, make you cry, and make you wonder how you ever lived without them. The beautiful part is that for four years, every single person goes through this experience together. I am proud to be an Archmere alum, because Archmere gave me a family. Families like ours eat together, fight together, dream together, fly together, and-- especially right now-- hurt together. The devastation that my school feels isn't simply for two of its students; it is for a brother, a sister, a friend, a teammate, a classmate, a face you would pass by every day in the hall that would never fail to smile at you, an Auk... From miles away to parking lot # 99, every Auk is hurting right now and we are praying for the Penna Family every second. Now unlike ever before do we see the true spirituality and reverence that Archmere instills in each member of its community as everyone joins together in overwhelming support for two beautiful souls and their parents who are fighting a fight no one should ever have to endure. Anthony & Gabby, I know I never knew you personally, but the way you touched my brother's life and everyone else around you is moving and sensational, and I hope that we, now, are able to return the favor and touch yours. Prayers always.

- Maddy Hernick ’17


by Jack Pawloski ’19

With every tear you shed

and day you dread


Know that I'll be there


And every prayer that's said

keep in your head


And know that I'll be there


Through pain and sorrow

and all that follows


Know that I'll be there


To show love and care

through your despair

and be with you all I can


For I will always be here for you,

to lend a helping hand


Know that through every struggle or feeling of grief


That you'll never be alone and you'll always have me


That I promise to be,

all that I can be


To give you hope when you are lost and strength when you are weak


With every day that comes and nights that pass


Through the hard and easy the good and bad


And with all this to you I only ask


That you know that I'll be there


A special thank you to...

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