Florida Museum of Natural History by: akia gabbidon

Nature on Display: Butterfly Rainforest

Going through the Butterfly Rainforest was an amazing experience to have. The scenery was so tropical and flora which made the forest seem so lively and appealing. The designs on the wings of each of the butterflies were so intricate and seemingly one of a kind. The center of the exhibit was the waterfall which streamed so naturally down into a river of Koi fish. The butterflies flew around so swiftly and gently, crawling onto or attaching themselves to the extremities of wandering people passing by. All of those small details caught my attention and kept me so captivated. Through this medium, I learned about that the natural world can be gentle and serene, but beautiful in its essence. I found this experience to be such joyful one because I found myself able to enjoy the simplicity of nature.

Nature on Display: Butterfly Garden: Top left: Butterflies with flowers, Top Middle: Me on the bridge in front of the waterfall; Top Right: A butterfly resting on a railing; Bottom: Me in front of beautiful flowers

Nature and Ethics:

Nature and Ethics: Top left: Me in front of prehistoric skeleton; Top right: Me walking into the prehistoric mammals exhibit; Bottom left: Tank of prehistoric underwater creatures; Bottom Middle: A display of jellyfish in an underwater exhibit; Bottom Right: Ancient Sea Cow information card

The Florida Museum of Natural History, I believe reflected more on the civilization and growth through which Florida has obtained rather than reflecting Leopold's view of how man should be one with nature, but through showing how Florida came to be, in the beginning man was a part of the nature even before society had decided on becoming the conquerors. Walking through the museum, I felt happy and motivated to learn and sensed that this museum was going to be different from other natural history museums I have visited before. I started thinking about everything that I thought I knew about Floridian History, trying to connect it to the information I had read from the signs. From my perspective, I found that everybody was quite engaged with the exhibits and the replicas on display. I saw little hyper children clinging to their parent while the parent to attempted read the captions of the displays and witnessed their faces slowly lighting up with interest with each factoid read, I saw other people excited to go through the Butterfly Rainforest, waiting and wanting a butterfly to rest itself on one them. I also found adults wandering alone around the museum, eager to absorb some knowledge. I felt as though the Florida natural history museum did its best to try to connect people with Floridian history, featuring exhibits with the Native Americans, Floridian wild life, the surrounding aquatic life, and the life that lived millions of years before Florida was even formed. My experience did not instill Leopold’s ideas of “ethical responsibility” in myself as much as hoped it to but rather the museum instilled some imagination and creativity that the surrounding features of nature provided.

Nature and the Human Spirit:

Nature and the Human Spirit: Me standing behind the exoskeleton of a prehistoric dinosaur.

The Natural History Museum helps us to step out of our ordinary lives by going through the life of another time and through seeing what lived in our world and our state before we even had chance to exist on this beautiful planet and this helps us to better understanding ourselves by understanding the place from which we all started from, answering some of the mysteries and majesties that the natural world has so kindly offered to us.

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