M.A.D.E Hip-Hop Producer/MC Group of Steve Sxaks x Kohn

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The 9-track EP “New Dawn City” embodies classic storytelling, thought provoking lyricism, catchy anthems, and even something for the ladies. “Welcome To New Dawn City” and “Ambition” are catchy anthem style records for clubs and house parties. While the smooth, hypnotic flow of “Driveway” will wake the ladies and “Glo” will wake and motivate the masses to grind until they reach their shine. “M.A.D.E”, “City Limits”, “Trial”, and “Crash” are records filled with lyrical venom and hard truths about a come up, moving forward, and claiming a deserved stance in the music industry and life.

The transcendental chemistry between Kohn and Sxaks is a driving force set to take over indie Hip-Hop music. The production stirs up a kaleidoscope of soundscapes and tones from jazz and funk to a fusion of old school meets new school cadences, to electric pulsating beats perfectly blended for a unique ‘ear milk’ deliverance.

M.A.D.E, The Story

Steve ‘lets go guy’ Sxaks, a renowned producer, musician, engineer, and teacher has linked with young rising star and MC Kohn for the creation of M.A.D.E. This debut producer/MC collaboration spans beyond music. M.A.D.E is a movement and brand already sparking a blaze in Philly and Southern Jersey. “I’m a strong lyricist with a positive message and I truly want to make a difference in the world. The movement which stands for Make A Difference Everyday, will have a huge impact on humanity.” -KOHN

The duo met when now 22-year-old Kohn was just 15 years old and he entered Sxaks recording studio for the first time. “I thought he was going to be the corniest kid, but to my surprise I was extatically impressed and started the label “Marsten House Recordings” solely to debut his music.”-SXAKS Upon the success of his LP “Phases” Kohn went on to master his craft, but in 2018 re-linked with Sxaks out in Houston and recorded 17 records, preformed at showcases and cyphers, and blew the media away on several interviews.

After Sxaks returned home to Philly after a few years teaching production and engineering at Workshop Houston, the duo resurfaced again, this time to create epic music together. “I played a skeleton of a beat for him and within 20 minutes he wrote the track “M.A.D.E”, it truly was a magical experience.” -SXAKS

Sxaks and Kohn, like any other MC/producer duo worked endlessly, full throttle in the studio to release a perfectly polished project. With Sxaks being a major staple in the Hip-Hop industry, carrying well over a decade of mastered experience, and Kohn as a talented and established lyricist; this collaboration will be one for the Hip-Hop books and vinyl.

Currently, the duo is planning a tour, performing locally, working on new music, as well as pursuing a clothing line for M.A.D.E. Stay tuned for the takeover.

Booking & Inquiries: letsgoguyproductions@gmail.com

Created By
Marissa Savino