Time Management

For this exhibit I will be looking at my time management and study schedule technique.

1. Semester Plan- This is the big picture of my semester. It includes when all my homework, tests, and projects are due. I also includes weekends I plan to go home and some events on campus

2. Weekly Plan- This is my weekly plan. It includes my classes, study time and personal activities. My weeks are pretty much all the same with exception of test week, so I will be able to follow this weekly schedule pretty much the whole semester.

3. Daily Plan- This is my daily plan. It has my daily things to do. It is the "nitty gritty" of my schedule. The task are also prioritized so I know what is most important and what I need to get done as soon as possible.

For the past plan I circled thing that were most important, underlined stuff that was important, and left blank the things that were not important.

For part two of this exhibit I will track my schedule for three days to see how closely it follows my remade schedule.

Journal Day 1 - I followed my schedule perfectly today. For this activity I really wanted to do this just to see what it was like to follow a schedule closely. One thing I realized today it is a lot easier to do activities if you have them written down in a time slot. I really like the fact that a schedule a decent amount of free time in my schedule that makes following the school work part a little easier.

Journal Day 2 - Today I also followed my schedule perfectly. Again it was easier to follow something that was in writing. I also have found that I come into class more prepared when I follow this schedule. I also am finding it feels like I have more free time. I am getting the work done then having free time. Usually I have free time and worry about the work I am not doing instead of just doing the work then having free time. This has made my free time a lot more enjoyable.

Journal Day 3 - Today I did not follow schedule perfectly. I did not have time to review for accounting because the homework took so long and was due tomorrow. I still liked following the schedule a lot. Even though I missed something today I still got a lot more done than if I wasn't trying to follow the schedule at all.

For the third part of this exhibit I will present data and reflect on my schedule following experiment.

1. I feel like my plan was pretty successful. I followed the plan pretty closely. I really enjoyed penciling in free time to make sure I had time to do what I wanted to do. I prolly could do without so much free time though and schedule in more stuff.

2. I feel like I will be using scheduling in the future. I really thought it was a great tool. I did not use any type of scheduling for last semester and I feel like my grades reflected that. I think one of the reasons I followed my schedule so closely was the fact that I scheduled in plenty of free time. This made it easy to do the work that was on my schedule. For a revised plan I probably would include less free time and more work since I was able to follow this plan so closely. I think writing stuff down in time slots kinda forces you to accomplish it since you wrote it down. It also helps you make time for free time since it is penciled in. Another revision I would make to my plan would be to include a time for me to review right before bed. I feel like this would only help my academics since studies show before a bed is a good time to review. For a revised plan I would also include a more regular bed time, so I can get more sleep, because at times following this schedule I could tell I would be doing better work if I was more well rested.

3. Data-

I followed the plan perfectly until the second day. I was not able to have enough time to review my accounting because the homework took so long, so I didn't follow the plan for a total of about and hour and a half

Reflection on Data- One of them most surprising thing to me was the amount of time I spent in quadrant 2. I think this was because I followed my schedule so closely. I guess this is the benefit of following a schedule. I also was surprised I did not spend any time in quadrant 3 which is a good thing. Nothing else really surprised me about my data.


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