Baseball Blowout! By:Alexander coombes

Baseball on Baseball field

Get your Mitt,Ball,Bat, and Hit the Field

To play baseball, you will need certain equipment to have a more successful game. The equipment you will need is a glove.It depends on which arm you use to throw to decide with glove you need. If you are a righty you need a glove that fits on your left hand and vice versa . Other equipment you will need is a bat to hit a ball with. It depends on the league whether you have a aluminum, (strong lite metal) or wood bat. One more thing you need is a baseball. You will also need a baseball field, preferably a grass and dirt infield. In addition, you should have cleats they help you get more traction, (grip on a surface) on the field it helps with wet grass. These are some examples of equipment you will need to play baseball, there are others but those are for more advanced players.

Baseball field


You will need a certain amount of players or people to play otherwise you forfeit. You will need at least nine players on each team . Almost all the time, you will need a leader (coach). You will need two teams. Most likely, an umpire to make the right and fair calls. You will have to put the players into positions, the infield, (the part of the field that has the most dirt) and the outfield . The infield has 6 players: a catcher, pitcher,1st baseman,2nd baseman, 3rd baseman, and shortstop Putting certain people in the right positions is very important , you don't want to scatter them around rapidly.

Baseball field setup
This is a Baseball Team

Play by the Rules

In order to have a fair game, follow these rules. The rules are no arguing with the umpire ,otherwise you could get thrown out of the game. If the umpire calls you out, don't complain, (arguing).If the game is tied in the 6th inning, ( the thing that separate the game into parts) ,the game goes into extra innings.One inning ends when both teams get three outs.One thing you need is a team uniform.You will also need a hat to be able to play. These rules are very important so you should follow them to have a good ballgame.

Baseball umpire talking with players

More Points the Better Chance of Winning

Like many sports the team with the most points at the end of the game wins . In little league you, can mercy, (getting enough points to end the game early) the other team by getting 12 runs, (points) ahead .By the 4th inning, the team with more points at the end of the game is the winner, and one point is scored when a player safely crosses home plate. If the batter hits the ball over the outfield fence it, is a home run. The person gets a free run and runs around the bases. Now you know how to get more points so you can win more games!

Baseball hitter

Three Strikes you're Out

You don't always get a hit sometimes you get out, the average MLB hitter gets out 7 out of 10 times that's 70%! So, don't get mad if you get out most of the time. You are out at the plate if the pitcher gets three strikes, (the measurement of how tell if the batter is out or not) on you. If you get a hit before the pitcher strikes you out and make

it to the base before the ball you, are successfully, (did a good job) safe. You are out if the ball beats you to the base. If you hit the ball in the air and a fielder catches it before it hits the ground, you are automatically, (right away) out. If there are people on first and second base and the next hitter hits a pop up, (lazy ball hit high in the air) and the fielder drops it, the batter is automatically out. That is called the infield fly rule. Now remember you won't always get a hit so don't get mad.

Baseball pitcher

I play lots of sports yet baseball is by far my favorite and i´m best at it.

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