Snakes by hudson dillow

Snakes can be 1'000 years old. there was only 2 snakes in the dinosaur age.Snakes are at the 2nd top of the food chain . they eat caribou ' birds' deer' alpaca and much more. the biggest snake ever was 2;600 feet long. a python will do any thing to protect her eggs. snakes can be everywhere except Antarctica.

Snakes come in a veriaty of colors. like red and black'green'black'gray'some are even blue! The king cobra spits poision and can be tall 17 feet tall and even taller.The king cobra is so visious when it comes to killing them. KIng cobra is the king of all snakes.Also the green phython usally has 45 children. A phython can grow to be 67 feet. wow a phython usally eats there wife.

Snakes can camofladge very well. They can blend in to leaves' Rocks' grass' and much more.They can also blend in to trres! Lots of snakes blend in to the savannah. Some snakes stay very still. So that they can blend in. Blending is very good for snakes to have. This is what i know about snakes.


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