Bouvier Christian School A Tribute to the Mountains

For the month of September, I want to take the time to highlight a very special school and community. This community is so high up in the mountains and has been placed under attack by voodoo priests, and yet still has the power of healing if you allow God to heal you there. I have been blessed for two years now to take the trek up the mountains to have my spirit renewed and my heart fortified. The community of Bouvier has a very special place in my heart.

Although this year, I was physically ill and did not get to fully enjoy my time as I would have loved to, I can’t go without telling the world about the place that changed my life, the mountains that gave my life meaning in a time when I needed something to live and to fight for. I needed to remember that life was beautiful, and these mountains reminded me of just how beautiful life really is.

Three mountains and three rivers from the mission base in Carrefour, Haiti stands a small school that is the primary source of education for over 160 school children each day. They come from near and far, some in uniform, some not, to learn from 8 of the most dedicated and passionate teachers in Haiti. Many of them live down the mountains but spend two weeks at the school building in the teachers apartment and travel home on weekends to be with their families and loved ones. One teacher, Genese, is currently pregnant and she conquers the mountain with ease. The diligence that these teachers have is beyond me and it’s part of why I felt that Haiti was the place for me to teach too.

For the past couple of months, I’ve watched Total and the guys build chairs and tables to send up the mountain. I’ve watched them paint and work endlessly to get things ready and although I was anxious to take the trip with them up the mountain, I stayed and waited patiently for my moment to go back up. That moment was now!

When I reached the top, it was a relief. The school looked the same as last year, but there was a difference in its aura. The wind was brisk and I was greeted heavily upon my arrival, almost as if Bouvier missed me too. I had thought about making it back time and time again, but it seemed more like a dream than reality. I wanted to get back to the top of the mountain, but I’m not sure if I really believed that I would.

With no service, WiFi or reception, Bouvier, for me, is the perfect place for solidarity and prayer. I feel closer to God and it becomes easier to hear Him speak. I love being able to be so close as He governs His children. It was such a blessing to be able to feed them, speak with them and play with them again.

I saw familiar faces that said they remembered me too. I took every student’s picture while Chez updated their information in the system AND I was able to translate a lot between the team and the teachers, so I’ve been doing something right. I put in valuable ideas for the teacher’s meetings and stepped when I felt my voice was needed the most. The couple of days we spend in Bouvier are powerful and impactful in that this is when so many choices are made and rectified. Things are said, work is done, and decisions are solidified int this couple of days that will make or break the foundation of the school. Being a part of that history matters.

What matters even more so is making sure that every child has the opportunity to grow and to learn in a positive and powerful environment. Creating a sense of community for every student makes a difference in their lives at the same time as training each child to not only come to school, but to come to the Lord. Bouvier Christian School is not just a regular institution, but one that is headed by God and the sovereign love that is His will. These babies may have less, but they are so blessed and highly favored and to see the way that God has provided for each and every one of them is inspiring. Yes, we do a ton of work to benefit and upkeep the school, but that’s only because faith without work is dead. Frontier Projects, LIFLIM, myself; we are all just catalyst for change and have been a part of overseeing God’s vision. We have planted seeds and watched them grow, but it is not our work alone that keeps Bouvier running strongly... especially not my own. I’m not a financial player or even one of the physical laborers. In Bouvier, i am more of an advocate. I have no problem fighting for what I believe is right and making my opinions known. Things don’t get done until somebody speaks up and opens up about the subjects that make us all a little uncomfortable. That’s when I know I’ve done my part.

So another successful year. Another school year underway. More smiling faces. More sacrifice. More love... that’s what Bouvier has done for me and I’m glad every day. I pray that everybody is able to find a joy that comes straight from the Heavens that blesses them and gives their life a little more meaning.


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