My Tour at Harn By: zheqi hu

Medium of art: My favorite piece of art is the sculpture named Dancing Ganesh, which is purchased by the museum. This is an art work from India, and Ganesh is a god in Hinduism who is revered across India as a cover of problems and a bestower of blessings. This sculpture is made of black stone, which is hard and rigid; however, this skillful sculpture captures the softness of the dancing god. When I look at this sculpture, I believe that Indian people truly love dancing, and their love toward dancing conveys in an artistic and mysterious way, mixing with their love and respect toward god. I can feel their passion toward dancing and the importance of dancing as a role in Indian culture.

Design of museum: the museum is designed successfully by dividing the art works form different culture into different sections. I, as a student who has little knowledge in art found the ease of getting to appreciate the works of art in this museum because it is logically designed. I could better focusing on those fabulous art works rather than getting confused about the background of them. I actually had fun visiting Harn museum and spent much longer time than I expected I would. The design of the museum gives me both the fun appreciating art works and the ease of finding the meanings of art.

Art and core value: When walking through the exhibition of photographic art works, an art work named Tiangis Aerial Reflex by Melanie Smith draws my attention. This piece of art work was made in 2003. The photograph provides an aerial view of mega-city. The two sides of the photograph are reflections of each other.Smith highlights the colorful tents set up by vendors among the grey, minimalist buildings that surround them. The juxtaposition gives the affect of an abstract painting. This quality is further enhanced by her use of a photograph and its reverse image seamlessly joined into a single picture. In this piece of work, I saw the city is dominated by the materialism and the consumerism. People are so small that they are invisible from this photo, even though they were the ones who created and constructed this city, and the capitalistic world.

Art and the good life: Art is the reflection of its time. "Art is the shadow of the time", indeed, when I read about the background of an art piece, I could severely feel the stories behind each piece of work, the ways those artists think, feel and make their great works. With the real appreciation of living in my time, I can see those works and read about the stories behind them. Art also teach me to think independently and critically. I brought many insights from those great artists who push me to re-value myself and the world I live in. In conclusion, this trip to Hard makes me learn so much, and I started to love art as part of my good life.

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