Brisa Pacifica Roatan Enjoy the PEACE of Paradise

You deserve some island time! When you need to get away from the cold, the job, the kids.... be our guest at Brisa Pacifica; here's a glimpse at what is awaiting you.
Brisa Pacifica Roatan is a stunning two bedroom condo located in the neighborhood of Lawson Rock. The aerial photo below shows The Beach Club building, in which our condo is located. Surrounded by ivory-coloured sand next to the Caribbean Sea, The Beach Club boasts a private beach and 2 docks, easy access to the reef, free use of sea kayaks, 24/7 security, gym/workout room, concierge service and much more. Guests are welcome to walk through over 130 acres of verdant gardens, wooded areas, lovely neighborhoods and beach.
The elegant Beach Club building; your home away from home on the island of Roatan. Hop in a kayak and explore the warm clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Our condo overlooks the tropical and colorful courtyard in the center of the complex.
Tons of space outside on the main patio for dining, lounging or taking an afternoon nap after diving or snorkeling. Covered and open areas for all types of weather.
Birds eye view of The Beach Club building and the surrounding waters; superb snorkeling/diving and within walking distance of 2 dive shops.
Your hosts....Trish & Fred. Our goal is to make it possible for you to enjoy your stay at our condo by supplying you with information regarding what to see, do, and where the good deals are. We'll tell you what to expect as you arrive on Roatan, tipping practices, getting through customs, and more. And if you have questions, contact us or ask the great staff in the office on site and we'll all make sure you get the info you need. Fred and I will pick you up at the airport, take you to the grocery store if you wish, and return you to the airport on departure day. This saves you money to do other fun things on the island....

We also provide a gift basket complete with freshly ground honduran coffee, snacks, a bottle of wine (let us know if you would like white or red) and a 6-pack of Roatan’s favorite beer, “Salva Vida”. On a day of your choosing, we’ll also give you a driving tour of Sandy Bay & West End so you feel more familiar with the area. We live here, so we’re usually available for questions and tips on restaurants, etc.

Vistas not many visitors have the pleasure of seeing.....we'll give you tips on getting a superb tour of the island.
We have some great contacts for you; tour guides, taxi drivers, dive shops, restaurants, zip line operators and more. All are people we've had the pleasure of working with and feel confident in recommending to our guests. We share this list with all Brisa Pacifica guests to help ensure your stay is as pleasurable and stress free as possible!
Spend a day at sea on a catamaran or zip-lining through a rainforest...or go scuba diving or snorkeling. Try deep sea fishing, too!
A feast for the eyes! The colors of Roatan - from the emerald greens of trees and lizards to the bright hues of thousands of varieties of blooming flowers and bushes.
Spend a tranquil afternoon lounging by the "Waterfall Pool".
Sit above or below the waterfall and experience the "three R's"......resting, relaxing, renewal! This pool is just a 5-6 minute walk from the condo. There are two other pools within 2 minutes of the condo, as well. Our guests are welcome to use each of them.
2-3 minute walk from condo, about 2 blocks away.
Need a dip before breakfast? Dive into this pool....30 seconds from the front door of Brisa Pacifica!
Listen to the breeze rustling the leaves and the birds singing overhead.
Privacy, comfort and convenience.....our favorite pool!
Watch beautiful green Anole lizards as they hunt for insects among the leaves and vines.
Take a refreshing dip in cool water, read a good book, or just spend some time daydreaming.
Spot beautiful birds flitting among tropical flowers
Marvel at the fantastic variety of tropical trees and plants.
Take the short easy walk to the private dock....snorkeling is fabulous from this point!
Explore coral reefs and all the sea life living in this underwater wonderland.
Hundreds of colorful graceful fish surround you as you snorkel or dive in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.
Walk or jog through over 130 acres of manicured gardens, lush untouched wooded areas and beach. Enjoy 24/7 security- the best security on the island.
Walk along the Sandy Bay beaches, too. No swarming cruise ship crowds or tourist traps.....an authentic Caribbean seascape.
Thousands of fantastic tropical plants and trees .
Attend a Garifuna cultural demonstration in Punta Gorda and learn more about the fascinating history of Roatan; from Pirates’ treasure, to indigenous peoples, the history of Roatan is remarkable!
Snorkel at Black Rock.....where the fish get so close you can touch them!
An entirely new world is just below the surface of the water!
Stop to shop in some of the stores owned by locals......beautiful wood carvings, jewelry, textiles and artwork. Support the local economy
Keep your eyes peeled for parrots!
Visit the Iguana conservation center and learn about these big lizards.
Catch a glimpse of a Green heron at water’s edge
Meet some of the warm, welcoming residents of the island! Several different cultures combine on Roatan, resulting in a diverse, interesting population. You'll meet people from all over the wold here!
Two residents in one of the local shops.
So much to see and do - you will have to come visit us again!
A typical day in Sandy Bay. Enjoy sunsets/sunrise over the Caribbean, lounge on the new swim dock in front of the condos, or on the Master Bedroom’s secluded patio. Walk along the beach, read & relax on the water’s edge or wander through the neighborhood & enjoy the lush vegetation and diverse bird life
Brisa Pacifica-with amenities for your comfort, clean and well maintained, fully equipped kitchen, comfy furniture, private & secure patios. Two bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, original murals and island decor, quiet and peaceful evenings for star gazing and resting up for days of adventure.

Sunsets in Sandy Bay......priceless! We hope you’ll visit and enjoy these sunsets in person in the near future!

Thanks for inquiring about Brisa Pacifica Condo. Trish Nixon & Fred Pugh

Lots of open space in Lawson Rock; if you’re a nature lover, there’s plenty to explore and discover!

Short walk from condo to pool; just 30 seconds from your door!
Looking up at master bedroom patio from tropical courtyard below.
Contact Us: Trish Nixon or Fred Pugh: 208-917-4810 (VoiP number) Email: nixon.trish@gmail.com
Brisa Pacifica Roatan is currently listed on HomeAway and VRBO.com and several other booking sites. Recently these sites have implemented a travelers fees. To avoid these fees, book directly with us.


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