Titanic By: Jacob Busbia

Three Fortnights Before Voyage

"Good Morning! I have a surprise!" Mum says.

"What is it ,Mum?" I say, "Is it a new mate? Or is it bugger all?"

She says so full of joy, "We got tickets for second class on the Titanic!"

"Mum, are you sure this isn't a cock up?" I said in shock.

"I am for certain," Mum said confused, "Its blinding, isn't?"

Yes, I have been dreaming about it forever now. I can't wait till we can hop on and go to America. It will make my life a hundred percent perfect. Nothing could go wrong. I mean when my brother gets home from work, he will freak out. I can't believe we are going on the amazing unsinkable ship.

The Unsinkable

Three Days Later

Even now I am still so ready to be this amazing ship. Another thing that amazes me still that we got second class! Which I thought if we were to ever bored the titanic, it would've been third class. My friend, Phil, and I got into an argument about weather I got actual tickets to the ship. So, now my friend doesn't really like me right now, a few weeks before we leave we never see each other again for awhile. It will be sad because we are gonna stay there for a couple of months, so that will be tough.

"I really don't believe that you are gonna go on the titanic," Phil said.

"We sure did! We got second class!" I said a little mad.

"Daniel, look me in the eye and say that your my friend!" Phil said angry.

I stated,"Yes, I am."

"Then you wouldn't leave your best friend!" Phil said as he was leaving.

"It's only for a couple of months!" I called out but it was too late.

Books of a school

One Fortnight Later

At the crib it has been so lonely without Phil coming over everyday after school to play. Hopefully he will get over before I leave to go the unsinkable. I hate to call him rubbish but he is right now. That is the only way I could explain it. I wish I could spend time with him before I go but he is upset. I am knackered over him. He is so gutted and chunder about me. Then suddenly...

"Daniel, you're right I was being foolish can you forgive me?" Phil spoke softly.

"Of course,mate," I said cheerfully.

"Great! Do you want to head to your crib and play around?" Phil asked.

"Sure!" I said but I was super happy in the inside.

Best friends

11 Days Later

One more fortnight until we leave and I think Phil has liked me a lot now since a fortnight ago. But I am going to miss hanging out out at my crib every night. But, it will only be for a couple of months. Also my brother will be missing someone too, him and his girlfriend have been together for a bout two years. They have never been this far away from each other before for this long. He hasn't told her yet but I bet she would be upset when she finds out. He will probably be crying for her the whole boat ride.

"Have you told her yet?" Mum asked

"No,Mum," Penner, my brother, said.

"You need to tell her some day," mum says annoyed,

"I will, mum," Penner said a little a bit angrily.

"You better!" Mum shouted.

Angry mum

One Fortnight Later (about to sail off)

"Can you bring me something back" Phil said.

"Of course you're my mate" I told him.

"You better give me a bollocking," he said.

"I will, do you know the weather over in the US?" I asked.

"I heard it was brass monkeys over there." he spoke.

"Ok! Thanks!" I said has I gave him a handshake goodbye.

Something feels weird it could be that dodgy sandwich last night or that my brother's girlfriend broke up with him. She didn't like the since him leaving her for months. So it gobsmacked him right in the face. She lost the pot on that one. I told 'nice one' but he ignored me. He wanted to kerfuffle with me but he was in toshy shock. He try to skive but it didn't work. Nothing could be hunky dory today. It's sad to leave but hopefully everything will brilliant.

British Words:

Mum: mom

Mate: pal or friend

Bugger all: nothing at all

Cock up: mistake

Blinding: unbelievable

Crib: home

Knackered: tired

Gutted: devastated

Chunder: sick

Bollocking: enthusiastic

Brass monkeys: cold

Dodgy: sick or nauseous

Gobsmacked: surprised

Lost the pot: angry

Nice one: sarcastically

Kerfuffle: little argument

Toshy: crapy or bad

Skive: faking being sick

Hunky dory: normal

Brilliant: good or wonderful


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