The Great Dog Rescue By: Rosanna Rodriguez

The frog is traveling to his brother's houes.

The babi is sobbing.

The beraslit need's to be loosened.

Mi cat blinked when she was slipei .

My favorite scent is the smell of the rose.

look ebriting is silent.

look the men gripped the liserth .

they rescue a men.

i hir a wolf howling at the moon.

i belong to mi cat.


Created with images by pocketwiley - "Marty (Animal Ark Rescue)" • Alexas_Fotos - "frog farewell travel" • pinkpig0416 - "baby crying baby cute" • PRECIOSA ORNELA - "PRECIOSA - Shamballa bracelets" • Kasya - "kitten yawns cute" • RitaE - "rose red love" • earthroom - "tree landscape silent" • jurvetson - "Magic Toes" • rggoldie - "helicopter rescue at Lorne" • SimonaR - "month full moon glow" • Moyan_Brenn - "Cat"

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