Midwestern Climate Change How can we stop it from hurting us and our environment?

The rising temperatures are hurting our water quality, it lets certain kinds of toxic algae grow in the water and contaminate it. It will lead to us running out of a lot of our drinking water. It is also rising the water levels, which can lead to severe water damage to properties and can flood crops. To stop this the government could invest in new infrastructure to help prevent water contamination and protect our water resources. We also could try to research ways of killing off the algae in the water before drinking it.

The rising temperatures could affect the water levels severely if we don't do something to stop it

The rising temperatures could lead to serious health problems. More people could experience heat strokes or heat sickness. People in higher populated areas might have a higher risk of being affected by the heat waves, because there is already so much heat generated in those areas from all of the energy being used, and all of the cars generating even more heat. The air quality would also drop and could be dangerous to humans. To stop this we could plant more trees to absorb more of the carbon dioxide in the air. In order to help the people in the more populated in the big cities we could reduce car use or find a different energy source to use that will generate less heat. We could also use less fossil fuels that wouldn't generate as many greenhouse gases.

Wind turbines could be a much better energy source that doesn't generate any heat, and we could use it to power the big cities

The rising temperature can also affect our agriculture and ecosystem very negatively. Even though some crops will thrive in the heat, most Farms' crops will fail. We will lose much of our food from drought which will kill most of our crops. with corn small long-term average temperature increases will shorten the duration of reproductive development, leading to yield declines. With soybeans though, it could increase the yield rather than decrease. In order to try and stop other crops from failing we could try to genetically modify the crops in different ways to help them withstand the severe temperatures.


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