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I want to go to chili and Brazil and Mexico to see the calture.

I want to go to Nigeria and Egypt and Sudan to see the calture.

I want to go to Italy and Germany and Russia to see the calture.

I want to go to china and Hong Kong and Japan to see the calture.


What makes a good citizen

Being a good citizen means to, not abuse your rights, do not ever break the law there are bad consequences to your actions. As a citizen you have responsibilities like, voting to keep up with your country and try to get the president that you want. Also to keep up with news and stay informed. You also have rights like, freedom of speech which means that you can say whatever you want, also you can leave the country.

The most effective style of government is democracy. Democracy provides equal rights and a fair trials in a court of law.In a democratic society every citizen has the same rights and responsibilities.and in a fair trial even if the other person is more powerful.the United States of America is based on a democratic country.

Rights and responsibilities. Rights are something you can do as a citizen like freedom of speech,rights are not something you have earn you have it USA everybody has the same rights like freedom of speech and voting. speech and voting benefits. When you are voting you are contributing to society and getting closer to the things you and other people want. these are the rights of the people: freedom of speech, private property, everybody is treated the same, voting, fair trial, and many more

A big natural resource has helped SW & Central Asia a lot. the child mortality rate has dropped drastically which is an amazing thing to happen. child mortality rate is when a young child usually an infant has died. the per capita has risen to. per capita is how much money is in the country. But it is also a bad way to use because if a country has a high population it's different then having a small population. The oil has also helped the life expectancy because of the money earned. Oil has helped so many people it is amazing.

life in the Sahara and the Sahel adapting to a desert region it will be easier to live in the Sahara then the Sahel firstly I think people have adapted to survive In the harsh deserts like sahara and the Sahel they adapted to the climate they changed the clothing that they ware. Drink less water they adapted to the desert scrub vegetation they cut down on food and water and harvesting the trees for houses.


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