Caption Writing Project Alyssa Kramer

Photo #1

On Monday in Digital Imaging class Faith, Giselle and myself began building a tower out of spaghetti pasta noodles and marshmallows for our caption writing project. Our group was very confused as to how this would play out with just the two foods we were given. When I was asked what the hardest part about building the tower was I responded with "Getting our tower to stop leaning over".

Photo #2

During the project in Photo Imaging class, Faith and I work together to make our structure sturdy because it had a tendency to lean. To get most of the structure as sturdy as we could we had to use team work. When Faith was asked what she enjoyed most she told that "The creativity part" was the best.

Photo #3

In class while working on the project Faith gets on the table to get a better angle to add pasta to our tower. Faith was having trouble building our structure upward evenly until she went to the other side of the table and sat on it. Giselle was asked what she would've done differently and she said she would've "actually come up with a plan".

Photo #4

At the end of our building during Photo Imaging class, our group admires our unique tower because we finally got it to stand on it's own. Previously, it was on the verge of falling but then we turned it one it's side and started building up from there. When I was asked how this project was different from other projects we've done, I responded with "Food was used during this project".

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