volcano joseph jouda


a volcano is a hill or hollow mountain with a huge crater that holds a lot of lava. the lava comes from the Earth core and keeps on building up the lava in the mountain that eventually it will explode. the way the lava finds its way in the center of the volcano is that the lava from the core of the Earth builds all the way up till the surface and it keeps on exploding making a hollow mountain with lava flowing through it,

cinder volcano are the most simple type of volcano it is built by particles and blobs of congealed lava congealed means solidify of cooling.

a shield volcano is the largest kind of volcano that erupts thin low viscsinty

its known as a stratoo volcano the volcanoes are located in the volcanic arc of the continental side of subdution zones

a lava dome is a volcano that is viscous and filled with lava waiting to erupt.

the Fugi volcano is one of the most interesting volcanoes in the world. its most interesting fact is that its lava lasted for 1 year the years 1707 to 1708.

unlike the fugi volcano is that the Vesuvius volcano is one of the most deadly it took the Pompeii and Herculaneum tribes by surprise wiping them out completely.


Created with images by skeeze - "volcano lava flowing" • skeeze - "volcano lava flowing" • James St. John - "Mud Volcano (29 August 2011) 1" • James St. John - "Sierra Grande Shield Volcano (Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field, northeastern New Mexico, USA)" • ewen and donabel - "Mount St Helens Composite" • U.S. Geological Survey - "Mount Shasta"

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