The Colors of Harmony By Bev Porter


By: Bev Porter

Almighty all-knowing Father, I am in awe that You know even me although I am not worthy of Your acknowledgement. You know all things, past, present, and future. You understand all things because You created all things.

Almighty all-knowing, all-present, all-powerful Father, I adore You.

You know my every thought, You know my every activity, and You know every word before I even speak. Your depth of knowledge is far beyond my comprehension.

Almighty all-knowing, all-present, all-powerful Father, I adore You.

Almighty all-present Father, it moves me beyond words that You care enough for even me, a sinner, to remain by my side. You are unlimited by time and space because You are in every space at every time. You live in me, beside me, and in all corners of creation.

Almighty all-knowing, all-present, all-powerful Father, I adore You.

Almighty all-powerful Father, I am overwhelmed by Your powerful hand. Nothing is beyond Your power. No opposition can hinder You. You need not my help, yet You love me as your child and use Your power to equip me to be Your instrument on earth.

Almighty all-knowing, all-present, all-powerful Father, I adore You.

The Beginning Without a Beginning

By: Bev Porter

Way back before once upon a time time... long before the earth was round... before time was time and space was space...

A vibrantly violet streak shot across the nothing. It swirled and twirled, leaving a trail of sparkling yellow and silvery twinkles. A big bold green streak twisted and curled. Suddenly, out of the nothing came a slowly moving band of light but bright blue. The green streak trailed teal and gold... raining down on with the band of blue as the blue left mauve in its wake. A bouncy, bubbling giggle of brilliant yellow joined the fun. Out from the giggling bubble of yellow shot tiny tinkling rainbows.

As the rainbows tinkled and danced around... streaks and bands of all different colors... purple and orange... pink and cream... apricot and sea foam green... came from nowhere in the nothing. Dancing and jingling... all seeking the teeny tiny tinkling rainbows. Streaks and band of all different sizes appeared from the nowhere in the nothing. Short and round, long and stretchy... thick and thin... all seeking the beautiful rainbows. Some streaks were bright... some dull. Some bands were sparkling... some plain.

Suddenly... out of the nothing... fingers of bright white gently gathered all the streaks and bands. All of the streaks and bands... of all colors, shapes, and sizes... all of the fancy ones.... and all of the plain ones... were gathered together into one form. They were now connected together by the fingers of bright white. They were now the same... but... different. Not a single one was more favored than another... not a single one was placed above... nor below.

As the nothing became something... wonderful... the fingers of bright white was pleased.

As we were before we were... just streaks and bands of playful colors... of all shapes, sizes, colors... some bright, some dull.... some fancy, some plain... we remain. All the same... but... different. Not a single one better than another. Not one above nor one below... as we always were, we will always be... before the beginning... after the end.

Created By
Bev Porter


Created with images by Pexels - "flower guitar sky"

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