BONE Quest for the spark

About the book!

Title: Bone: Quest for the spark Title:

Bone: Quest for the spark

Author:Jeff Smith and Tom Sniegoski

Illustrator: Jeff Smith

Published: 2011


This book is a journey of unlikely heroes trying to save the world and the dreaming from an evil spirit called the Naght. A boy, 3 bone's, one swordsman and 2 hairy men will try and stop the Naght from taking over the world!


When it took place

It takes place in modern day ( whenever the reader reads the book)

Where it took place

The story has many different places that characters go such as Bonneville but the adventure starts in the land called " The Valley".

Main Characters

Percival Bone: An exploere hungry for adventure and the grandad of Barclay and Abbey

Barclay Bone and Abbey Bone: These to youngsters are twins but Abbey the female Bone is the older than Barclay by a few minutes and thrives to brag to him constantly. They are the grandchildren of Percival bone.

Tom Elm and Roderick ( Elm ): These two characters are the best of friends on being a young boy named tom and the other being a small, talking raccoon named Roderick.

Randolf Clearmeadow ( Veni-Cari preist ): A man with great skill in weaponry and and strong muscles but a soft emotional person after the loss of his family. He helps the character defeat the Naght.

Stinky and Smelly ( Rat creatures\ Harry Men ): These two ferocious but utterly dense creatures were chosen to help the others on there quest to defeat the evil.


The conflict opposing these heroes is the great force called the Naght. A ghost like creature that can take the body of any mammal. The evil power wants to take over the woken world and dreaming, meaning trapping people in there sleep and taking there bodies to gain power to take over the world!


( There is 3 books to this series of events and the conflict is not resolved in the book but was fought against do i will just mention some efforts of great fearlessness ). In there adventure the heroes face the Naght many times and have battles it just as many. What keeps the Naght from taking over there body is a stone around toms neck called " The Spark". A gem out of this world when shined will make the evil flee.

I would RECOMMEND this book to anyone who's read the PREVIOUS Bone books or likes action and adventure styled books.


Jeff Smith

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