Harn Museum


Art is intended to satisfy the senses and calm the mind. It can be a depiction of one's emotion or even used as an outlet to enhance individual's joy and happiness. Art has the ability to bring people together; however, it may cause turmoil and controversy. Overall, art is meant to be shared with the public, and appreciated by the masses. It can also be used to ignite a social movement, or exemplify systematic oppression toward minorities or specific groups of people.

Medium of the Art

Attending the Harn museum completely changed my view on art. This was the first Art exhibit I've been too, and it was pleasant and informative. The picture provided above may look like a meaningless ball of junk, but to me this is a representation of the practical American lifestyle. If I would've just seen this through a picture or from a computer, it wouldn't evoke much thought or emotion. The use of various colors intensifies the various metals and containers we use in our daily lives. The tightly compressed ball shows us how we as a society deal with our trash. We simply just throw it away, which in turn is placed into thousands of landfills that pollute and destroy mother earth. This abstract sculpture sends an urgent message to change our modern lifestyle. Biodegradable sources should be taken as a priority rather than an alternative.

Design of the Museum

The elaborate design of the museum consisted of several distinct sections. each containing distinct genre's and timbres to stimulate a variety of emotions. Walking around the whole museum took much longer than expected. Its lengthy, spacious, and well lit. What I found very useful about the structure of the building were the short films on several corners of the museum. The films provided interesting anecdotes about significant paintings or sculptures. My favorite exhibit was the modern art. I had a deep appreciation for the painting "mirror mirror portraits of Frieda Khalo" because we learned about her from a previous assignment we did in IUF1000.

Art and core values

I found this portrait to be meaningful because this depicts the poverty around South America. This artwork speaks to me because I have family members in Venezuela who are struggling financially and trying to make ends meet. I relate this painting to my younger cousins who aren't able to eat everyday. They suffer from malnourishment, and are deprived from the basic freedom's that every basic child should have. The portrait shows three lost souls living under the tyranny of a corrupt government. Their faces seem lost and confused. The emotions that arose from this image were fear and hatred. A strong hatred towards corruption. Insolent and egotistical politicians do as they please while millions are suffering. The human tendency to live a life filled with lust and greed is sickening. This harsh reality impacts the majoirty on a daily basis.

Art and the Good Life

I find this painting to be representative of the good life because it shows Africans in traditional attire, expressing their love and respect for their native culture. They are each playing a different instrument, forming a small ensemble that could potentially convey their interpretation or version of the good life. Music has always been a crucial aspect of African culture as they utilized this channel to record their history and unique traditions. I think this painting personifies the sense of camaraderie and mutual respect that these people have for one another; which in my eyes, is a contributing factor that helps mold my idea of the good life.

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