Favoritism in Christian College Music Programs Why Both Classical and Contemporary Music should be treated equally

Music is a very special way that people communicate or express themselves and for Christians, music is a way in which we worship God. Some Christian colleges offer both degrees in worship and classical music and this usually results in some sort of favoritism within the two departments. However, both of these degrees can be used by God in different but equal ways to glorify Him. God should not be limited to working in just one area of one degree. He works through every area of our lives so we can learn to know Him better. Favoritism inside departments is bound to create tension between students and make students second guess what God has called them to do.

God is to be glorified in every situation and place; whether a person is talking with friends or if you are performing in a large theater. Both classical and worship music majors have opportunities to perform in venues that allow people of every nation to come and worship Him.

Whether we are playing, singing, or working, God is glorified if we are surrendering to Him daily. We are called to use the God-given gifts that He has chosen to bestow upon us in any avenue He provides.

God gives many talents and abilities to individuals and we get to glorify Him through whatever He chooses to bless us with.
All musicians can use their gifts to communicate God's love to individuals who haven't been introduced to Christianity. We are called to spread the good news of Christ to everyone around us and musicians share God's love using music.

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