Robert Frank Ashley rose

He was an American photographer and documentary filmmaker. He was born November 9, 1924 in Z├╝rich, Switzerland. His most popular work was the 1958 book titled The Americans.

He took a lot of street photography. He enjoyed taking candid photos to get a feel of everyones real emotion in the pictures.

Robert Frank wrote the "Americans" this book is filled with many useful tips the photographer had for street photography this book is still has an impact on people today. His book challenged the aesthetic of photography.

Robert Frank has contributed seminal works to the American photography tradition.

When Frank was a young photographer, he shot mostly with a medium-format square-format Rolleiflex camera. Alexey Brodovitch, was a Russian-born photographer, designer and instructor who he really looked up to then suggested him to ditch the Rolleiflex for a 35mm Leica and so he did.

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