Master of Destruction Ryann

Digging the hole,

running to avoid being caught,

and sneaking back inside the house

without making a sound.

He had a chance to be like the characters he loved.

He'd been given a mission

and he carried it out.

Just thinking about it gives him a massive rush.

The thrill of success gave him a buzz.

He didn't know a person could feel so alive

He wants the excitement of being a real-life Mercenary of War

He wants to be interesting and different.


He doesn't just want it.

He needs it.

He types:

I need another mission.

The more dangerous the better.

He pictures himself

racing down icy streets,

leaving explosions and chaos behind him.

NEED requires secrecy

It's his job to adhere to that rule.


Words borrowed by NEED by Joelle Charbonneau pages 78-80 and 194 Created with images by Peter John Hill - "House Fire" • shurik - "nuclear atom bomb"

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