Massachusetts WEek

Cool scepter from Isabella Stewart gardener museum. I wonder what it was used for...........

These are photos from the Isabella Stewart Gardener museum we went to on the last day of our trip. Isabella had collected a lot of really cool art in her lifetime, and it was nice to know that almost nothing was changed from her time.

Whistler the bird who lives at the museum. He spends hours looking in the mirror to prefect his style... He might have succeeded. TWEET TWEET!

These are from the Eric Carle museum of picture book art. While Eric was a artist for kids books, his art had a great amount of definition from the materials he used.

Bean Bears! (really comfy)
The two stages of "purple cat" one had faded a little, hence the pink. While the cats are... purple the newer one, (purple not pink) really holds a more life like texture.
50 brown bears, 50 brown bears, what do you see? many different languages for this week! These are all copy's of the same book in 50 different languages. I found it surprising that the cover changed slightly for every different language

River bend farm mini museum about the 1800's... I think. The loom was oddly easy to operate.

Iron ore that was found in a swamp. The panel was explaining that iron could be found in people's backyard at the time. That must have made forging really easy for blacksmiths!

Lookout rock! From the rock you could see almost all of the river, hence why it was used to keep the native american tribe safe from "invaders"

& candy! It was really fun to run about on the rock, and find some quartz. (although I might have been on sugar high)
The reason people come to Massachusetts is for many different reasons like the colors of this stained glass. some people just come for a day hike, or to look at the history of this area. I think the main reason people come to Massachusetts is for the amount of forest we have, for the hikes in the spring and skiing in the winter. Other places don't get to see as much green and white because they are more densely populated.


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