African Americans and The New Deal The great Depression Project

The New Deal was never meant for African Americans. In fact, it had nothing to do with them. Out of all of the races that were hit hard during the Great Depression, African Americans had the worst hit.

In this photo, African American laundry workers make a strike poor working and low wages.

FDR had little to offer for blacks during his 1932 campaign. The National Association of Colored People (NAACP) urged FDR to show that he opposes racial discrimination. However, FDR as a democrat, wanted southerners votes. We could conclude that he supposedly thought more votes are better than equal rights.

Most of the New Deal programs offered very little opportunity for blacks. It was considered rare of you were black and got a job trough one the New Deal corporations.

In this photo, you see black and white men working on their job thanks to the WPA. This specific project was in New York City.

Here in this picture, a black WPA worker is receiving a paycheck. This photo was taken January 1939. Most of the employment in the WPA went to those who were in need of relief the most. However blacks did not always have good opportunities. They were mostly turned down.

The employement rate for African Americans after the Great Depression only raised 10%

Let's focus on these two photos!

  • The significance of photo one is definetly the mural in the back. The mural shows how wonderful life is in American and how it's the perfect place to be with a perfect family.
  • In reality, at this point, America was really struggling with pretty much everything. Clearly showing point is the black people waiting in line to vote for FDR's 1944 election. You can see the despair and disappointment in their faces.
  • The significance in photo two is the poster. I think what the man is trying to say in the poster is that. If black men can carry guns and kill people for their country, surely they can have a regular job like transporting milk. A job that doesn't involve violence.

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