drunk and driving need to stop in everywhere.by zara

In my community drunk and driving need to fix it up,i living in east side of fortwayne so you might alway see on new about drinking drive and causing most of people death.

drinking drive should need to stop to be stop in everywhere.
drinking drive causing so many death. eveyday in american 28 people die from drinking drive and crashed the car.
harming to the kids,while they was drinking and driving,they didn't forcing what is in front them,they just drive throug it and killing kids and students.

Alcohol Impaired Driving All states have some type of ignition interlock program, in which judges require all or some convicted drunk drivers to install interlocks in their cars to disable the engine if alcohol is detected on their breath.

federal law mandates that states adopt open container and repeat offender laws meeting specific requirements. Otherwise, a portion of the state's surface transportation funding is transferred to the state DOT or State Highway Safety Office.


Created with zabayra"No Drinking and Driving"

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