Kazakhstan By Alex cluney

Kazakhstan is in the northern and eastern hemispheres. Kazakhstan is boarding Russia,Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Kazakhstan's capital is Astana (51 °N , 72 °E)

Kazakhstan is in the temperate zone or between Arctic circle and Tropic of Cancer which is between 22 1/2° and 66 1/2°

Belukha is the mountains that border Russia and Kazakhstan and in some religions it is considered "holy"
Their is 16.7 million people with is a medium and is 66th rank in the world Also its population density is 16 people per square mile
Its growth rate is 1.04% which is average

The top 5 city's most popular in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is more urban than rural and Kazakhstan's net migration rate is 0.42 so there is more people migrating than leaving
Kazakhstan is a developing country because the life expectancy needs to be 78 years but Kazakhstan is 70.24 and also because Kazakhstan's needs to be $30,000 but Kazakhstan is $14,100 and so that means its developing.
In Kazakhstan people speak Kazakh and Russian and a lot of peoples religion is Muslim and Christian
In Kazakhstan there is a game called "Ai Kerek" which means Moonlight. And it starts with kids gathering up and make one leader that splits up the kids as even as possible. then the teams lock arms like in the picture and the leader says " Team 2 whom do you want on your team"? Team 2 responses with a name like Alex .Then the Alex who is called has to break the other teams arms if successful Alex will go back to the side Alex came from if Alex fails then he goes to the team he try to break arms.

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