Surface Prep With more than 45 years of industrial cleaning experience, MPW provides the necessary equipment and trained personnel for proper surface preparation.

MPW’s water jetting is the most productive, economical way to achieve your desired surface for proper coating adhesion, while fully respecting the environment. We customize our services for floors, walls, containers, tanks, ship hulls or any other area. Our employees undergo a rigorous hands-on training program at one of our many facilities across the country. MPW ensures precision and efficiency, allowing customers to continue operations while minimizing downtime.

MPW Surface Prep equipment

Water Blasting Features:

  • Removes coatings, ruts and other tough adherents without the hazard of grit blasting
  • Resulting surface meets or exceeds all recognized standards (including the WJ-1 or “white metal” specification of NACE No.5 and SSPCSP-12 and SIS Sa 3)
  • Meets the SC-2 standard for removing soluble salts, which hamper adhesion and often lead to coating failure
  • Available for manual or automated surface preparation
  • Choose from pressure levels from 5,000 pounds per square inch (psi) up to ultra-high 40,000 psi
MPW Surface Prep technology

Advantages and Manual Options:

  • Ultra-high pressure water jetting cleans deeply enough to prevent corrosion cells from forming and restores the surface’s original profile
  • You get the productivity of grit jetting without the expense hazards and clean-up problems
  • Vacuum-recovery feature simplifies disposal and leaves a clean, dry surface-free or flash rusting and ready to recoat

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