Plants project by Christopher Ruocco


Description: Group of plants that do not have transport tubes

Two traits: Non vascular plants and need water for reproduction

Two examples: Liverworts and mosses are both examples of Bryophytes


Description: type of plant that has uncovered seeds

Two traits: The name gymnosperms means "Naked seed", which is the major distinguishing factor between gymnosperms and angiosperms, the two distinct subgroups of seed plants

This term comes from the fact that the ovules and seeds of gymnosperms develop on the scales of cones rather than in enclosed chambers called ovaries

Two examples: Conifers and Ginkos


Description: type of vascular, flower plant

Traits: they are the largest plant group and they have very small flowers

examples: spruces and firs


Created with images by andrewmalone - "Plant" • pellaea - "liverwort" • La.Catholique - "Liverwort" • Nicholas_T - "Conifers" • malfet_ - "Ginko" • Scott Loarie - "Angiosperms" • Horia Varlan - "Green Norway Spruce tree tops onto clear blue sky"

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