A BOS HOLIDAY You could be having one next...

At the last BOS team building I won an awesome prize. I never win anything, so when Dave announced my name to say that I have won R15 000 + 1 extra week off work, I almost fainted! Now, I'd like to share some moments from my holiday I took in December, so that you'll all get excited for the next BOS team building, and a chance to be the next winner!

My idea of a perfect holiday can be described as something like this... A place faaaaar away from the city, cut-off from the hustle and bustle, and surrounded by pristine natural landscapes. Good food and wine is a must, a stunning view, an adventurous partner, and my camera. So I did some research and found the perfect destination, to fit my budget and list of prerequisites, called Farm 215. Located in the middle of nowhere, about an hour and a half drive from Hermanus, tucked away in a rare Fynbos floral kingdom.

The surrounding area is home to some of the last remaining spots where rare Fynbos grows. Some of the Fynbos plants and flowers found around Farm 215 only grows there and nowhere else!

We spent a lot of time with our feet up, red wine in hand, but we also made time for fun activities, like horse riding on the beach!

After a 3-hour long horse ride to the beach and back to Groobos Nature Reserve, it was time to nurture my sore body with a glass of Lomond Syrah wine.

One evening we got treated to a most beautiful sight... Horses roaming free right in front of our cabin at sunset!

There's nothing like seeing a horse roaming free. A rare sight indeed.
Managed to get a close-up of the horses. They were very tame, but looked wild as they roamed free!

Farm 215 also has a stunning pool, fed by natural spring water. The whole farm is off the grid, using only solar panel energy and natural spring water to feed the cabins and restaurant.

Most amazing pool I've ever seen, with 360 degree views of the entire valley filled with rare Fynbos.

Did I say restaurant? Yes! Every evening we were treated to a 3 course dinner, looking out onto a dreamy sunset view.

Sunset view from restaurant (top), delicious dessert (left), view of restaurant from outside during daylight (right).

If you're ever in the area, treat yourself to a wine tasting session underneath a massive ancient Milkwood tree at Lomond Wine. A rare wine farm, which isn't overrun by tourists and holiday-goers.

At Lomond we enjoyed a delicious charcuterie platter, and their wide selection of red and white wines. I love their beautifully designed menus.

Not only is Farm 215 and the surrounding area home to endangered flora, but also endangered animals, like the rarely seen Cape Leopard. We were lucky to find some Cape Leopard footprints. I was relieved to hear that Farm 215 and the neighbouring farmers are doing everything they can to protect the endangered Fynbos and animals that call the Baardskeerdersbos area their home too.

Fresh leopard footprints we found out on a hike into the mountains.

And that sums up the fantastic holiday I had in December, all made possible by BOS! Start dreaming about your dream holiday, because you could be next!

On the beach at the Walker Bay Nature Reserve. A stunning secluded beach not easily accessible.
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Talita Calitz


All photos taken by Talita Calitz

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