Massachusetts Founded in 1620 logan hearn

John Winthrop led 1000 Puritan refugees from England. He was the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Winthrop was elected governor 12 times. Massachusetts began as 2 separate colonies. Plymouth was established in 1620, the second colony, Massachusetts Bay was established in 1629.

Massachusetts has cold climates in the winter. Winters in Massachusetts could be long and harsh. Summers were moderately warm.

The economy in Massachusetts consisted of small farmers. There were also people who worked as tanners, porters and metalworkers. Some men were fishermen which increased the need for ships so shipbuilding was also popular. Others profited from fur trading with Europe.

The Massachusetts Bay settlers were Puritans. They had strict laws about keeping the Sabbath, adultery and witches. The Plymouth Pilgrims were Separatists. They shared some beliefs with the Puritans but favored breaking away from the Church of England entirely. The Puritans wanted to reform the Church of England.


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