La Cala Social Halloween - 31st october 2019

Roll Up - Roll Up for the La Cala Members Social Halloween Spooktacular ! So much going on that, for once, the photos will spook for themselves !

Our Roll Up Queen Janice Marler in midst of a Pumpkin Invasion !

Halloween involves costumes, monsters, scary movies, toffee apples, witches, pumpkins, trick and treating plus a whole load of traditions. But why did we start celebrating it in the first place, and how did it turn into the occasion we know today?

Halloween is a descendant of the Celtic festival of Samhain, a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. As the nights grow longer, it is believed that the barrier between our world and the spirit realm begins to thin, allowing a passageway to open up between the two worlds. Wearing a Halloween Costume wards off the malevolent spirits that roam freely on Halloween Night.

A Ghoul Morning to all !

Our La Cala ladies and partners all joined in to the spirit of the day and in a sea of black and orange, ghosts and ghouls, zombies and witches were free to wander the fairways where infestations of creepy crawlies and pumpkins were reported.

Ghostly going on - is that flag really going through Connies neck as she tries to putt through the spiders !

As night drew in the witches coven convened around their cauldron where copious amounts of blood red wine was spilt and many spirits were flying through the air across the bar.

The invasion of the Pumpkins continued as to enter the coven lair all who were deemed worthy to pass to the other side had to undergo the torture of the carved pumpkin face !

Pumpkin Special !

The evening light cast an errie orange glow over the entrants to the lair..

You've been Pumpkined !

It was fabulous to see the amount of effort that the victims put into their costumes and Janice had arranged for the tables for be spookily decorated so the atmosphere was great and everyone had a spooktacular evening!

That hand got around and into various places during the night...!
A last selection of photos...
Head Witches

Names have been withheld to protect the innocent but you can have fun trying to guess!

Thanks Janice !

Many thanks to Janice Marler for all her hard work in putting this event together - we are all looking forward to the next one ! Also many thanks is due to the staff at the restaurant who looked after us all so well... We shall be back !

Created By
Loraine Murphy


La Cala Photos by Loraine Murphy El Soto Photos by Loraine Murphy & Frank Johnstone