Historical Fiction GSL Chapter 8

"Historical fiction tells the stories of history; as a distinct genre, it consists of imaginative narratives deliberately grounded in the facts of our past."
Consider the quality of a historical fiction piece. The history should be accurate, meaning the events should be true and take place in the appropriate time period. The events should be honest and not bias. The book should also have high literary quality. It should have an appropriate setting, developed characters, language patterns that are historically correct, and appropriate illustrations that convey these aspects.
"Historical fiction can be organized and studied in several ways: as a genre, as an example of literary excellence, by theme, by chronological period, or according to the topics in a social studies curriculum."
Examples of what can be taught through historical fiction include: prehistoric and ancient times, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Age of Exploration, colonial through post-revolutionary war times, westward expansion and the Civil War, World War I and its aftermath, The Great Depression, and many more.
Westward Expansion and the Civil War
The Middle Ages
World War I and its Aftermath
"By reading historical fiction, students see that history was lived by people who-despite their different dress, customs, and habits-were a lot like we are."
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