Planet Melanie by yecenia fernandez

Durning class they were talking about the World Cup. Melanie has been really passionate with soccer throughout the last couple of months. "England is going to win today."
Melanie had lost track of what the teacher was saying because she was falling behind and ask a classmate to catch her up. She is very into architecture and wants to major in that also. "Hey? Sorry but can you help me with this?"
The teacher wanted them to try and replicate the color of their favorite Starbucks drink. Melanie doesn't like any form of coffee at all. "I never even gone to Starbucks."
The class was talking about pixels and how you can see the difference when changing the gradient. She originally didn't wanted to do design.
Melanie had been debating if she should go eat off campus or eat at the dinning hall. She was persuaded to go eat off campus later. "I don't have enough money though."
She wanted to go off campus for lunch. She loves boba milk tea, whenever she sees a boba place she goes in to the original milk tea with boba. "Oooo boba. Let's go here"
Melanie had came back from lunch early, so she decided to go to the commons. She still has her boba tea because she's a slow eater and drinker. "I like to saver my food so I take my time."

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