Lucky Child a Memoir

Loung Ung lost her mother and father and two sisters during the terrifying regime of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, a story told in her first book First They Killed My Father. Lucky Child continues the story of the remaining members of the family, focusing onLoung, and her sister, Chou. This remarkable story is one not often told. While ten-year old Loung travelled to America with an older brother and his wife, her best friend and sister, twelve-year-old Chou remained in Cambodia with two remaining brothers, in a small village, learning the skills of survival, and becoming a dutiful "daughter‟ to the aunt and uncle who took her in. Her schooling is interrupted and then abandoned. The contrast between the lives of the two sisters could not be greater. Because of embargoes on contact with Cambodia by the US, the sisters lost contact for five years. Eventually, fifteen years later they meet again. Loung and Chou‟s stories are told in alternating chapters across the span of those fifteen years, from 1980 to 1995.

Who was Pol Pot?

Photos of Loung Ung and her family.

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