(Craw)fishing for a New Minister by Abbey Lindsay

Photo by Abbey Lindsay.

OXFORD, Miss. — With stained, sticky hands and full bellies, students at the University of Mississippi celebrated the upcoming summer and a new campus minister for RUF on Sunday afternoon with a crawfish boil.

RUF, Reformed University Fellowship, is a Presbyterian campus ministry designed to bring college students together for a time of worship and fellowship. Paris-Yates Chapel on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. is where it all takes place.

“RUF has been the best part of my college experience and I’ve missed Jason [the previous RUF minister] this semester, but I am pumped for the underclassmen to have the opportunity of a new minister who is gonna help change this campus,” said Brent Ferguson, a senior and RUF greeter.

Photo by Abbey Lindsay.

Jason Sterling, the previous RUF minister, now resides in Birmingham, Alabama as the head pastor of his childhood church.

Brian Sorgenfrei, a Jackson, Mississippi native, will be the new acting RUF campus minister starting in the upcoming fall semester. Sorgenfrei is a graduate of the University of Mississippi, but for the past seven years has been the acting RUF minster on Mississippi State’s campus.

"When I got the call from Les [the regional RUF director] saying, 'Hey man, we want you here to lead Ole Miss RUF.' I was at first hesitant to leave my students at State," Sorgenfrei said. "But, I took some time to think and pray and I realized the impact that Ole Miss RUF had on my life and knew it's time for me to give back to it."

Photo by Brian Sorgenfrei.

Sorgenfrei, an undercover Ole Miss fan himself, is ready to wear his blue and red on game days this fall and is ready to get to know the RUF Rebels.

“Oh yeah, I’m very excited to meet these students and really start investing in their lives,” Sorgenfrei said. “It’s gonna be a bit scary and hard to get these kids comfortable with me at first, since I’m the replacement, almost like a step-mom, but I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good year.”

With the end of school comes the beginning of summer. So, with the end of Sterling comes the beginning of Sorgenfrei’s legacy.

“I went to the RUF winter conference and heard Brian talk and he's incredibly wise with the word and I just can’t wait to get to hear him speak every Wednesday night,” said freshman Anna Kate Joyce.

Students are excited to share with and get to know Sorgenfrei.

Photos by Abbey Lindsay.

“I heard the guy [Sorgenfrei] likes the musical Hamilton, so me and him are gonna get along real well,” said Anna Coker, a junior.

According to Les Newsom, the regional RUF director, the future looks bright and Sorgenfrei is the perfect fit for the Rebel family. Newsom has known Sorgenfrei for eight years and can not wait to be residing in the same city as him.

“See now, Brian is my buddy and I can’t wait and I know he can’t wait to return to Rebel country and teach the gospel to some ‘real’ Christians, cause you never know about them Bulldogs,” Newsom said jokingly. “In all seriousness though, Brian is a bright, young man and I am excited to see how he is gonna expand and transform this ministry as his own.”

Photo by www.ruf.org


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