Who Am I Nathan Moy

I am just a white boy who lives in a white neightborhood who likes to play video games ,reading and riding longboards. People come to me when they need gaming tips and trick and to learn how to ride longboards. I am a happy go lucky go who likes to make people happy.

My parents see me as the son who will never fail and will never truly disappoint them.People see me as the guy to be friends with in the neighborhood you know that happy go lucky guy.

I don't pretend to be anyone I don't have to when i'm already unique. Of course I dial back on my uniqueness when i'm around my parents.

I want to be a mechanical engineer as i have always been facinated with engineering. I want a happy eventful life lots of traveling, wife and children.

I am the mature older brother, trustworthy son, hard worker, excellent and very caring friend, hardworking mature student.


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