A walk around the garden August 2017

The garden comes into full bloom in August, something I wait for and work toward all year. Enjoy the beautiful with me as I show you some of my treasures.

With it's silver reverse, this red rose is a star.
A delicate English rose.
Such soft dreamy colors in this bud.
Now for the begonias: fresh and dew drenched.
The canna lilies, more delicate than an orchid

Last but not least, the exquisite dahlias. In the early morning before the sun is up, the blue hour illuminates these white dahlias with the color of the air.

Happy little dahlias.

Also shown in the blue hour, this fuchsia edged dahlia takes on the blue light.

And it becomes lighter and livelier as the sun kisses it.

This one is sunshine itself, radiant with the dew drops adding bling.

My dramatic white dahlia. Sun and shadow revealing its form.

I hope you have enjoyed this morning stroll with me as we have watched the sun rise on the flowers and marveled at their exquisite beauty.
Created By
Jeri Abel

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