“Smalls” Show SEPTEMBER Additions 2020 Announcing Eastport Gallery will be Open August 7th through September 30th! Please come and visit us. Friday- Sunday, 11am-5pm.

We have a few new additions to our September Smalls Show...

Always as a complement to our larger “General Works Show” we have what we call “Smalls”. We think of them as hidden gems, usually smaller in size, but not always. They are, however, smaller in price.

We hope you will enjoy. And come Friday August 7th. Eastport Gallery will open it’s doors so come and visit us in person!

Friday - Sunday, 11am - 5pm at 109 Water Street, Eastport, ME

Anne Black

“Morning Haiku,” Photograph, 11”x 14”, Matted, Anne Black
“Sky and Water,” Acrylic on panel, 8”x 8”, Anne Black
“Friendly Spirits,” Acrylic and collage on cradle board, 6”x 6”x 1 1/2”, Unframed

Helena Bosse

“A little Bit of Heaven,” Oil on Yupo , 8”x 10”, Framed, Helena Bosse
“Four in a Row,” Oil on canvas , 4” x 12”, Framed, Helena Bosse
“One Light,”oil on canvas, 6”x 6”, Helena Bosse

Lisa Marquis-Bradbury

“Song of Spring,” glass mosaic, 5”x 5”, Unframed, Lisa Marquis-Bradbury
“Purple Passion,” glass mosaic, 6”x 6” Unframed, Lisa Marquis-Bradbury
“Silhouette,” glass mosaic, 3”x 7”, Unframed, Lisa Marquis-Bradbury

Alice Chen

"Boat and Island," Oil on canvas, 8" x 10", Unframed, Alice Chen
"Crabapples," Oil on canvas, 8” x10” , Unframed, Alice Chen
" Barn Owl," Oil on canvas, 8" x 10" , Unframed, Alice Chen

Judith Clendenning

“Kindness,” Cold Wax Medium & Oil, 10” x 10”, Unframed, Judith Clendenning
“Contemplation,” Cold Wax Medium & Oil, 10”x 10”, Unframed, Judith Clendenning

Susan Griggs-Bailey

“Untitled,” Gicle , from original pastel on black paper, 9” x 12” , unframed , Susan Griggs Bailey

Joan Lowden

“Remix Gold,” Encaustic, Mixed Media , 5” x 5” , Unframed, Joan Lowden
“Remix Copper,” Encaustic, Mixed Media, 5” x 5 “ , Unframed, Joan Lowden
“Remix Rose,” Encaustic, Mixed Media, 5” x 5” , Unframed, Joan Lowden

Jennifer Maffett

“Sea Urchin 1 and Sea Urchin 2 ,” Alcohol Ink on tiles, each 8”x 8”, Framed, Jennifer Maffett
“Carnival,” Alcohol in on Yupo paper, 6 1/4”x 8 1/4”, Framed and Matted, Jennifer Maffett

Peesh Rewak-McClanahan

“Attitude #1,” Mixed Water Media, 9”x 12”, Framed, Peesh McClanahan
“Attitude #2,” Mixed Water Media, 9”x 12”, Framed, Peesh McClanahan

Susan Moore

“Ophelia ”, Photographic print, 8” x10”, Matted and Framed to 11”x14”, Sue Moore
“Waterfall Whale,” Photographic print, 8” x 10” , Matted and framed to 11”x 14”, Sue Moore
“Bay Of Broken Hearts, Campobello,” Photographic print, 8”x 10”, Matted and framed to, 11’x 14” , Sue Moore

Barbara Moskol

“Cheese Flat Plate,” Free-form high-fire clay , 8 1/2”x 3”, Barbara Moskol
“Blue Rice bowl 2,” High-fire clay, 5 1/2”x 3 1/2”, Barbara Moskol
“Bowl,” hand built clay, Barbara Moskol

Elizabeth Ostrander

“Flights of Fancy,” ceramic & acrylic, 3”x 4” Elizabeth Ostrander
“Happy Is The Heart Of Blue Bird”, Ceramic and acrylic , Elizabeth Ostrander

Lora Whelan

“Bee in Iris,” Acrylic on wood, 5"x 7", Unframed, Lora Whelan


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