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Liaison Consulting Services connects those from marginalized populations in the Atlanta Metro Area and the Five Boroughs of New York City with compassionate care & services. Through vetted providers we connect those in crisis or need with direct microservices. We hold a special interest in providing active Sex Workers with access to care & services but we work with all populations and human needs.


LCS offers experienced professional Consulting & technical support in a wide diversity of Social Justice issues including: Sex Work, Sex Trafficking, HIV/STI prevention, Hepatitis C education, Opioid overdose prevention, Harm Reduction education, Criminal Justice Reform, Family Reunification, LGBTQAI & Gender issues for short and long term projects.


Liaison Consulting offers human subjects interviewing, detailed observational research, focus group facilitation, data book & instrument creation, data coding, presentation of findings including dissemination interviews, panel discussions & lectures in the aforementioned areas.

Our Network of Colleagues

Bold and tenacious, Liaison Consulting Services (LCS) is affiliated with elite, Trainers, Lecturers, Facilitators and Educators from around the country. We have connected with a network of fearless emerging & established professionals (mostly awesome experts!) who are unafraid to approach difficult topics. Each professional affiliate encourages self evaluation and introspection as a vehicle for change in how we as professionals approach our work. We promote mindfulness of the human footprint we leave in the lives of others. The impact of our work does matter.

Liaison Consulting Foundational Background

LCS, LLC has a particular interest in issues associated with and surrounding: Sex Work and Sex Trafficking, Criminal Justice Reform & HIV Eradication. The Founder/CEO of LCS was a commercially sexually exploited child & survivor of sex trafficking as a young adult under the definitions of Federal law. Her work in the Sex Industry began at age 14 with street based work. In the early 2000's she became a BDSM provider and it is how she has worked within the Adult Entertainment Industry since.

In addition to being a current/former Adult Entertainment Provider, she is also a Policy & Legislative Advocate, Research Associate in Public Health & Criminal/Social Justice Reform with over 20 years of experience surrounding a wide diversity of social issues from 1992- present day.

Her work has included: HIV Research, Education & Advocacy, STI/STD Research & Education, Sex Worker Health Legislative Advocacy & Education, Sex Worker Criminal Rights Legislative Advocacy & Organizing, Domestic Violence/Trauma Survivor & Parent Support program creation & implementation, Affordable Housing Legislative Advocacy, Homeless Legislative Advocacy, Tenant Advocacy & Organizing, Anti-Gentrification Advocacy, Family Law Advocacy & last but surely not least, LGBTQAI Legislative Advocacy, Organizing, Education, program creation, implementation & blogging.

She has worked as a Consultant & Researcher collecting data on the ground with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), The New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, Department of Justice funded research with The Center for Court Innovation, NYS Department of Education and more. She also served as an Public Allies AmeriCorp Service Member (2016).

She has given lectures, trainings and speaking engagements at The End AIDS Conference(2014 & 2015), Mount Sinai School of Medicine (2015), Lehman College (2016 & 2018), The American Association of Criminology Conference (2017) and The Museum of Sex (2018) to name a few. She has also been a guest on NPR radio discussing research findings and SESTA/FOSTA (2018)

Keep scrolling to check out a few of our trainings!

LCS offers tailored training for emerging and established professionals. We hold a specific interest in professionals within the Criminal Justice, Health & Human Services sectors and Community Based Non Profit Organizations. No worries if your business isn't in one of the sectors above, LCS offers Awareness Training for businesses within any sector.

Awareness Training brings awareness to professionals in any industry through in depth individual self evaluation & introspection. We aim to achieve self awareness by encouraging attendees to ask themselves hard questions and answer them honestly. We discuss tough topics such as work place relationships, gender issues, race issues, personal biases, mindful productivity, etc. according to your needs. We close each training with noted reflections and implementation suggestions from participants. This workshop must be tailored for your specific work place needs. Participation is required of all attendees. Certificate of completion will be issued.

Sex Work & Sex Trafficking: Training, Lectures, Panel Discussions, Workshops & Conferences. What is Sex Work? What is Sex Trafficking? Is it the same as Human Trafficking? "Trafficking" is a hot topic all around us, but what is it? This training is designed to bring clarity to those questions and more. This training will bring to light varying perspectives of Sex Work, voluntary, forced and the intersection between the two combined with empirical research data. Awareness of the socioeconomic & systemic paths into the sex trades will be covered. Training also covers Federal and local laws. We provide and encourage creative strategies to allow your establishment to offer victims a safe way to disclose and ask for help in an emergency.

Compassionate Care in Health Settings: Training, Workshop & Lectures: How does your work impact your patients? Do you offer compassion as you move through your day? Are you mindful of your patient's experience? Do you offer efficiency while being thorough and compassionate? Do you offer that same efficiency & compassion to fellow staff, supervisors and colleagues? Do you understand the needs of patients from marginalized populations such as active substance users and Sex Workers? This training is designed for YOU to answer those questions and offer ways to be more mindful of the impact your work may have on the lives you encounter throughout your work days.

HIV/STI Transmission Prevention &/or Sexual Education- Lectures, Training & Workshops: Sexual Education and HIV/STI transmission prevention go hand in hand. Let's not be ashamed to have those difficult conversations. I'm sure we can all agree maintaining a healthy body is important, a healthy body includes reproductive health. Our tailored presentations will go over the basic reproductive biology of the human body including the reproductive system & reproduction leading into sexually transmitted diseases & HIV. We'll discuss methods of prevention from abstinence to prophylactics using the most recent CDC HIV/STI data. Presented in clinical fashion in layman's terms, with audience age appropriate medical illustrations. Please be advised reproductive organs will be shown, please prepare and plan accordingly. The workshop wraps up with Q & A and reflection/understanding. Audience participation required. LGBTQAI HIV specific trainings, workshops and lectures by request.

Criminal Justice Workplace: Training and Workshops

Law enforcement & the Criminal Justice system is vastly complex. Each role within the Criminal Justice system is not only complex but critical. From the Clerk's office to the Judge's chambers, each person involved in the Criminal Justice system has an impact on how the system operates. What impact does the work you do have on the lives you encounter during your working hours? With so many unique roles, tailored training specific to your departmental scope of practice and your staff needs is critical. Police Officers face different daily challenges than Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys. Lawyers have different experiences than Judges. Today is the day to be mindful of the impact your work has on individuals and communities.


Sex Work Vs. Sex Trafficking, Victim Vs. Criminal, Survivor vs...Service Providers? We cannot define the narrative for a people with expert testimony & inside knowledge. Socioeconomic disparity and the need for survival is the constant commonality between Sex Workers and sex trafficking survivors from all backgrounds. Economic disparity and meeting essential needs fuel the Sex Industry. Some turn to the trades as a means of steady employment, others to make ends meet, others to to support substance use. The reasons people turn to the trades are limitless, each person's path into the trades is uniquely their own. It is for those who provide services to current and former Sex Workers and Survivors of trafficking to listen to their individually unique service needs. In the wake of SESTA/FOSTA passages there is even more of a need for compassionate, supportive services. We urge YOU to "be the colleague another can call." Join the SEAT-I below!

Connect with colleagues, join the SEAT-I a collaboration between LCS & Lysistrata Mutual Care Collective & Fund. The SEAT-I is an effort to create a wide net of services for those impacted by the trades. -LCS, LLC

To donate, sponsor, volunteer or become a Trainer, click the SEAT-I link above and fill out the form. Someone will be in touch soon!


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