getting stitches by nicolas gray

When I went to Westfield to see my grandma, I thought that everything was going to be happy. Well, it didn't turn out as happy as I thought it would. It was about five-forty-five when we went to go out for dinner. We arrived at about six o'clock. We ate and then me and my brother, Nathaniel decided to go outside where there were some pine trees. I walked over to them and said, “I want to climb one.”

He said, “Dude, be careful!” When I was only a couple branches up SNAP! I fell out! When I hit the ground I landed on sticks and bark. Nathaniel said, “Are you okay?” I said, “Yeah, I think so.” When I was getting up I looked down at my knee and screamed, “Holy,CRAP!” A whole chunk of my leg was gone. The bartender was coming back from her car and heard me cry out. the bartender said, “Are you ok?” I walked over to her and showed her my leg and she said to her husband, “Go inside and call 911!”

Nathaniel ran inside to get Grandma. A minute later Nathaniel and Grandma came outside. Grandma said, “What happened?”Nathaniel said, “Nicolas was climbing a tree and he fell out. A couple other people came outside wondering what happened.Then the ambulance came and they asked me, “Do you want an ice pack to numb it so it won’t feel so bad?” I answered, “Yes,” so they gave me one and said not to get any of it on my skin.

Then we had to get to the hospital and I had to ride in our car because they said that if you ride in the ambulance it’s really bumpy. We went to the Portage hospital because Westfield doesn't have one. We arrived at about seven o'clock and we rushed inside. I sat in a wheelchair because it kind of hurt to walk. My grandma wheeled me over and she went into the little office and told the nurse what happened. She filled out the forms and came out. I asked her what he said and she said that someone would be out in a little bit. We waited a minute and then the doctor came out and we followed her into a room.

She said, “Can I look at your leg?”

I said, “Yes.” I showed her the part of my leg that was gone but I didn't look because that would be gross. She looked at it and then she took us into the other room and I started to get scared because I knew it was the room that I would get stitches in. They laid me down and said that they were going to get another doctor with the numbing medicine and I asked if that was going to hurt. They said yes but that if we didn't put this on the stitches would really hurt. Then the other doctor came in and said that it’s time to put the medicine in. I was really scared. Then they got it all ready and they told me not to move. They squirted it on and I cried so hard that my throat hurt.Then they said they were done so I stopped screaming but I still cried a little. Next, she held a pan over my leg and she pulled out the eyedropper and squirted freezing water on me. I shook a little bit because it was freezing ice cold and they said that I couldn't shake. I said, “It’s really cold!”She said, “I know it is but you can't move. Are you ready? I said, “Yes.” So they squirted it on again and I didn't shake as much but I still did.

They squirted it on a couple more times and then I was really scared because I knew it was time for stitches. Some doctors left the room and then my doctor said that it was time to get stitches. The doctors that left came back with a pan of supplies like small needles and sewing string. I was really scared about how much it would hurt and my grandma said that whenever I got a stitch that I could squeeze her hand as hard as I could. I said, “okay.” I held Grandma’s hand and the doctor said, “Are you ready?” I said, “Yes.” She put it in and I screamed just like I did when I got the numbing medicine. I cried too and I was squeezing Grandma's hand as hard as I could. Then the doctor said that she was done with one stitch. I started thinking about how many I was going to get. I asked the doctor and she said she didn't know. I ended up with sixteen stitches in all. During some stitches I didn't freak out because I didn't even know that they were giving me a stitch. After we were done we all went back to my grandma's house and celebrated with a bowl of ice cream. We called my mom and she asked if everything was ok and I said yes. She wanted to pick us up a day early and I said that’s ok, so two days later at about twelve- thirty she picked us up. Grandma gave Mom the stuff that we needed to put on my stitches so they would heal and we said goodbye to grandma and went home.

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