Canada is losing it's culture... Right?

"Not to be racist but canada is losing it's culture bc of all these gotdang refugees!1!"

Oh, give me a damn break.

This is the kind of nonsense that drives me right up the wall in a beat up buggie. You want a quick way to get me upset? Talk to me about how Canada is losing it's culture. Try to convince me that refugees are stealing our traditions and our holidays. Do your goddamn best to cram as much racist, xenophobic, hypocritical crap down my throat as you can. But I guarantee you that whatever you have to say will only make my opinion of you drop lower and lower with every word you utter.

This is regarding a recent column I read under the title of "Canada is Losing It's Culture." A schoolmate and colleague is the author of said article. I am, to say the least, unimpressed. And, after days of brainstorming, I have finally stumbled upon something that's riled me up enough to sit down and get it off my chest.

I present a counterargument to "Canada is Losing It's Culture."

First off, I want to start by smacking down all of the self-preserving introductions to paragraphs. Anything that starts with "Not to be racist," or "I know I sound like Donald Trump, but," or "No offense to [racial group], but." As soon as I see these topic sentences, I think the exact opposite of what you're trying to make me think. You are being racist. You are being xenophobic. Incredibly so, in fact.

If you have to defend your opinions before even getting to your point, that means you're afraid of the ripple your words will leave.

Now, onto the meat of it.

Screen grab from the column.

My biggest problem with this paragraph is not, surprisingly, the random beef with feminism that I spot. Nor is it the whole 'pushover' bit. Can you guess my problem?

"This has been our country's anthem for hundreds of years!"

On another note, mark your calendar. Canada's 150th birthday is on the first of July.


Screen grab from the column.

I can't make this up, folks.

Don't go cooing at them, calling them 'those poor refugees,' and then immediately turn around and dig into them, pitchfork and all. Yes, we've made big changes here in Canada to accommodate refugees and immigrants, this actually is true. We've adapted to be more tolerant and understanding of how other cultures work. We've taken into account the societies that these human beings have literally just escaped, the different religious and social beliefs, and we change certain things so that these people can freely believe what they want. These changes were just made based on basic human rights.

They aren't impatient toddlers who throw tantrums when they don't get what they want. They work to earn an education in a language they barely know. They work to earn money so that they can keep their families safe and healthy. They work to earn a place in our western society, because lord knows it's people like you who make it hard for them. And a lot of them work to become permanent citizens in a safer environment that they chose - a feat that may or may not even be earned.

Screen grab from the column.

Hey, uhm... I think you forgot about what you were trying to say. This has nothing to with with how immigrants are stealing our culture.

Also, how the Hell do you think houses are built? Through charity, goodwill and fairies? Construction is one of the most popular general labour jobs in Canada. I'm just going to leave this here.

Screen grab from the column.

And then you doubled down on the racist shmutz, though.

Screen grab from the column.

Ignoring the fact that you just substituted 0 with an 'o' in '0.3'.

You sound just like Donald Trump. The one-child policy has been pretty much weened out since 2013. Canada has seen a jump in population - WWII and the Cold War saw to that. And we are taking 0 hits due to this.

Citations needed. Show me your proof for all of this information, other than that out-of-date link.

Screen grab from the column.

Aside from our... what? Are you kidding me? 'A mix between the States and Great Britain'? I have a funny feeling you don't know much about Canadian history.

America has nothing to do with Canada. Both Canada and America were colonized by the British, we have this in common. But America became it's own country in 1776. It wasn't until 1867 that we became our own country. And, even then, it wasn't until the first World War that we really came into our own.

As for 'never having culture'? When our ancestors came to North America, we destroyed the culture and societies of the aboriginal peoples. We brought European culture over and sullied the good land we stole. Samual de Champlain founded Quebec all the way in 1608, so we had - and still have - a massive group of people who celebrate the French culture. Don't forget about the Irish Potato Famine, when all those Irish folk immigrated to North America looking for aid.

1941: Suddenly, we've got Japanese internment camps. Yeah, don't think we forgot about those torturous nightmares created to contain potentially Japan-loyal Japanese-Canadians. Save some time and jump to the middle of WWII. We've got Jews fleeing from Nazi-occupied land in Europe and Austria. That accounts for Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Russia - you name it, they fled from it.

Refugees fleeing to Canada from ISIS, or the horrors in Kashmir, or wherever conflict occurs from here on out, mean we are just keeping up our age-old tradition of sharing our beliefs. Clearly, there are people who have a hard time accepting that. But these people have been around for ages. These people will always be around.

It's just worth saying that Canada is a diverse, culture-rich country. We share many traditions with other cultures, and most of us do our best to be understanding when we come across something we're unfamiliar with.

Their culture hasn't torn Christmas away from you, it just means they don't celebrate it. If someone is offended when you say 'Merry Christmas,' that's their problem caused by lack of understanding, not ours. And so what if they don't celebrate Halloween, either? It's a stupid holiday. It's silly. It's scary. Or that's how it's perceived by outside parties. Because they don't understand.

But it's not our job to make them celebrate any of our stupid, western holidays. They can if they want, and that's what's so great about Canada. We encourage other cultures to experience new traditions, and we are encouraged to do the same. It is not a one-way street.

Canada welcomes refugees and immigrants to our country. We embrace foreign culture. We support cultural and religious differences. The spirit of Canada celebrates diversity, and looks down upon those who force culture and tradition onto others to make it easier for someone to accept foreign peoples.


All photos from the column mentioned, or from Google Images.

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