TrillVille By Norris tanner

Politics- As the president of TrillVille, we live in a free government as long as you stay within the society's rules. The government isn't really a factor, we just have a judge and a executioner. We lastly have a strong military but, it has no use because we don't have any real enemies.

Economics- In TrillVille, we have bills with different colors: $1(yellow), $5(blue), $10(purple), $20(green), $100(red). We don't use any form of coins and no sales tax.

Religion- There is no dominant religion in TrillVille. Everyone is free to believe in what ever religion, you can practice your religion however you feel is necessary.

Social Structure- We have a upper and lower class and a very low unemployment rate

Arts and Entertainment- There are many parties/parades every night in the city. We have plenty of amusement parks and arcades for the children. TrillVille also has many different types of restaurants for date nights. Lastly, we have built many types of movie theaters/shows to visit.

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