Academy Series Progressions Foundation coach practicum overview

The Academy is split into 3 different series progressions
  1. Youth Academy
  2. Junior Academy
  3. Senior Academy

The Youth Academy is comprised of 3 different progressions:

  • Y1
  • Y2
  • Y3

The Junior Academy is comprised of 2 different progressions:

  • Foundation
  • Combination

The Senior Academy is also comprised of 2 different progressions:

  • Creative
  • Elite
This practicum focuses on the Foundation progression of the Junior Academy

In order to graduate from the Foundation progression, there are 6 key skills:

  1. Lateral Deceleration
  2. Quick-Six Touches
  3. Low-instep Drive
  4. First Touch (Spatial Awareness)
  5. Aerial Control
  6. Measuring Success --- ?

Lateral Deceleration techniques -

  • back foot placed slightly outside the shoulder box? feet parallel and pointing forward
  • both feet make complete contact with the ground
  • Athletic stance, knees bent, butt back, chest up, shoulders facing forward
  • Shoulder, knee, hip, ankle in-line with their weight evenly distributed across their body and leaning in the new direction
  • Arms involved, elbows bent at 90 degrees

Quick-Six Touches -

  • Quick, efficient touches
  • use multiple surfaces of their foot
  • take advantage of space (big - big - small - small)

Low - Instep Drive Techniques -

  • plant foot right next to the ball, middle of the ball lined up with middle of their foot
  • Toe pointed in the direction they want the ball to go
  • weight evenly distributed across their plant foot, plant leg slightly bent, can they still see their toes
  • ankle locked
  • back swing, kicking their butt
  • knee drive, knee snap
  • hips and shoulders facing in the direction they wish to strike the ball
  • chest up
  • arm swing, palm facing forward
  • arm comes across their body as they strike
  • follow through, frog leg, torque
  • expansion/contraction
  • no spin, below knee height

First touch -

  • moving
  • 45 degree angle
  • head up

Aerial Control -

  • Receiving out of the air
  • Volleys
  • 12 surface juggling - 4-5 surfaces

Measuring Success -

  • ?
This practicum will teach and license you in correctly identifying and teaching these different techniques to students in the Academy.

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